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Prayer Request ~

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Hi all.
My hubby is supposed to have surgery on Dec. 16th, but his recent blood work showed low potassium, calcium, and protein levels. This can cause his surgery to be postponed. We really do not want his surgery to be postponed - he has completed all of the pre-op procedures: stress test, pulmonary test and have done all the paperwork to be off of work until March 2010.
We'd really appreciate prayers that his blood work on Monday will be normal and that he can have surgery next Wednesday.
Thank you and God bless,

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I'm sending lots of love and prayers your way so hubby can have surgery on Dec. 16th. It sure is nerve wrecking, isn't it, when you think everything is ready to go and then something like this holds things up for you. Better safe than sorry, though...

So boost hubby up with lots of milk and bananas this weekend and we'll all pray for his blood work to come back normal on Monday. And then we'll be hearing from you on Dec. 17th that surgery went well!


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I agree with Trish, load him up with those bananas!!!


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I know Steve's potassium was low a few times and they were able to give him potassium through an IV. Just a thought! Lots of prayers coming your way!


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Betty in Vegas
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And I gave him multivitamins :) AND he ate a LOT of bananas which helped a great deal.

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Wow, I wrote this last night and I already have responses! thank you... Yes, he is eating bananas, and also taking Potassium and Calcium supplements and eating ice cream and drinking milk. He's a little congested though from drinking dairy so maybe that's not a good idea. He was a little congested for his Pulmonary test so we hope that will come back okay too. If not, than it is better to be safe than sorry, so if they have to postpone the surgery, than it was meant to be.
Thanks again for you love, thoughts and prayers!

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Hi Shelly,

Potatoes also have loads of potassium. The Doc should if they haven't Rx potassium.

My prayers are with you!

Hugs and Prayers,
God Bless


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Prayers are on their way...
Stay strong,

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Tina Blondek
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Prayers are being sent to you and your husband now and daily. With all of that potassium he has been eating, his numbers should be better. Hoping for the 16th. Keep us posted.

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