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Second opinion

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My husband is stage IV. He just recently completed six rounds of Taxotere, Cisplatin and 5FU and 5 weeks of radiation

As some of you may remember we were in the processes of getting a second opinion, well we got it. Of course I wanted the sky to open up, and drop a cure in our laps, but that did not happen. The Dr. agreed with our current Dr. as to what the next steeps could be 1) do nothing 2) start an oral form of 5FU, or participate in a clinical study (only phase 1 trials are available where we are). We will most likely start the oral chemo. after the 1st. Next week he will have his stent replaced and we should know how the radiation worked.

We have asked 3 different Drs. about surgery and they all said it would not be worth the risk/benefit.

On a lighter note, when she was talking in general about his disease, she said that there was nothing life threatening in his situation(all of his organs are clear). It is strange to have cancer which cannot be cured, and yet it is not life threatening, an interesting way to spin it.


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Hi Susan,
Sorry to hear that your hubby is not a candidate for surgery, but you do have great news that it is not life threatening! I hope the treatments work for your hubby. Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and praying for you guys.
God Bless

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Hi Susan,
Surgery is not an option for husband either. He has been taking an oral chemo (Xeloda) since Aug. He takes the meds in the morning and in the evening...after meals. He is on them for 2 weeks and then is off 1 week. We started out with one dose and the dr increased it until he started to have some symptoms....nothing terrible...didn't want to decrease his quality of life. Other then him being extremely tired when he is on the meds, it isn't too bad.
Prayers coming your way.
Stay strong,

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Tina Blondek
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Hi Susan,
Sorry to hear your news, but wanted to let you know that your husband is not alone. My dad, Ray, was not a candidate for surgery either. He did the oral chemo and six weeks of radiation. A year later he is in remission, and has just had his first balloon dilation done. Your husband should do well. Prayers are being sent your way.

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