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Surgery is getting closer. Yikes, I am scared

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Hi Everybody,

My surgery is getting closer by the minute. I am as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof. I have had lots of encouragement from BettyinVegas and William and many others. This board has really helped me a lot. Reading what others are saying and trying to stay positive, I know that it will be a good thing.

It is so wonderful to have people calling me and writing words of encouragement. It is amazing to realize that strangers actually care about me. I hope that I will be able to help others as so many have helped me.

My surgery is Dec. 21. I will celebrate Christmas this weekend with my children and grandchildren. Then off to Houston. I am a junk food addict and am going to eat all the junk I love for the next week and drink as many Dr. Peppers as I can stand. Hot Dogs and hamburgers, french fries, chips and dip, look out, here I come.

I hope everyone has the best Christmas ever. I will update often. I am keeping everyone in my prayers.


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Betty in Vegas
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the cafeteria at MD Anderson sells Mr. Pibb in the fountain :) They have Dr. P in the case ...Layne wanted ice water and Mr. Pibb after the surgery--those were the things he dreamed about!

Today, Layne and I went to take our son to the orthodontist, then to work for about four hours (very sad, to the auction of his old company :( ) and then we went and walked around Frys to give him somewhere to walk that was inside. He had a breakfast burrito and onion rings ...then he had wilted salad and won tons, then steak and potato... And veggies by the tv tonight.

Don't be nervous, you have all of us praying for you and rooting for you! AND if you take a laptop, your family can post to us as MD Anderson, as you probably know, has free wifi.

Hugs from Vegas

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Layne is some man, being able to eat all those goodies so soon after surgery. I hope I do as well, although losing a few pounds will be good for me. Maybe I will get back in my skinny jeans I have been saving for 20 years, thinking that someday they might fit again. LOL

Dr. Pepper is my drink of choice, and I really overdo it. If I could give up Dr. Peppers, I would fit in the jeans without having this surgery. The doctor said I could have two the day before surgery. Only two, I will have to sip them and savor the taste.

Tonight I have been pigging out on fudge my neighbor brought over to make me feel better.

So much food and so little time.


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I wish you luck you haven't said are you having open or invasive surgery? My husband had the open back in April and is still recouping. If there is anything you want to know I am here I was scared like you when he went under but I have grown up so much on this site, and have met many many people, and wouldn't trade any of them wheather they were right or wrong they always have a word of encourgement and right now we all need those encourgements, from time to time. Just hang in there and keep in touch.

Lori aka MOE

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Dr. Rice said he will try to do it miniumly invasive the last time I talked to him, but the first time I saw him he said he probably could not do it that way due to scar tissue from hiatal hernia surgery I had years ago. So, I guess I won't know for sure until I wake up and it is done. It would be nice to not have the big cuts, maybe it wouldn't hurt as much.

I will keep in touch.

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Hi Cathy,
Sounds like you and my hubby are in the same boat. He too is having surgery soon - Lord willing - Dec. 16th. He is also enjoying his favorite foods before the surgery because he feels like he won't get to enjoy them after surgery for a long time *ribs, hamburgers, ice cream etc...
He too is nervous as well as I. We kinda know what to expect from hearing from others who have gone through the surgery, but it is still not the same as going through it yourself. I'm glad to hear you will be having a wonderful Christmas with your family.
I'm praying that you will have an uneventful surgery and a quick recovery time.

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