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Does Death Exist? New Theory Says "No".....

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I was reading this article on the Colon Club site, and found it pretty interesting, I don't know how to make blue links, so you'll have to copy and paste in your browser...


The replies to it was cool too, where people had died and come back from seeing the "white light", it's very interesting.


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I've never believed in 'death' as being the 'end'.
I believe when we 'die' we just go home to GOD.
Earth is just a 'school' where we learn to be better beings.

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That taxes do not exist!
Interesting read Donna...

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My father believed in a religion/deity called Pantheism that has been around for centuries. I never knew that until he died last year and we found all sorts of articles and books in his personal stuff. The best I can tell it's based on the premise that we are all from and part of this earth no matter where you are from, how much money you have, what color you are etc etc etc. We are only here to "rent a space" for a short time and should do our best to make the earth better while here. He felt very strongly that most modern day religions were too politically and financially biased and unlike so many so called religious people I know, he actually "walked" the talk. His actions spoke for him, he didn't have to spout off about it.

He was the kindest and least judgemental person I have ever known, never saying anything bad about anyone other than mouthy politicians and the coaches of his beloved UNC Tar Heels when they made what he thought were bonehead moves or calls.

After some health issues and a nasty prognosis with multiple myeloma it came time for us to have the "talk" with him. He wanted no part of a service and insisted on being cremated so he could be "given back to the earth" that he came from. We accommodated him by spreading his ashes all over his favorite places on the campus of UNC summer of 2008.

A few weeks ago I was back on the UNC campus for the first time since we spread his ashes and walked along some of the same places. I thought the spreading of his ashes was one of the coolest things I have ever done but walking where we had put them was even more amazing. I felt him to my core and have ever since. It's hard to describe but he is here for sure.

Since my own experience with "supposed to be die" stuff and now this with my Dad and a few of my dear semi-colon friends I truly believe their is a spirit/energy that remains amongst us if we open up our hearts and minds to feel it.

Lisa P.

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Had my plans as well, I told my hubby I wanted to be cremated, and scattered over my childhood home area in NY where my happiest times were when my parents were still alive, and we were all together. I also don't want a service, or memorial. To me, if people don't come to see me when I'm here now, I sure as heck don't want them to see me dead either. I don't even want my kids to see me dead as well.

My husband wants to be scattered over an ocean! I told him I wouldn't mind that, but I don't want to end up in a fish's mouth either lol...

That Myeloma I hear is a very nasty illness, I'm sorry he gotten it. My father died of liver cancer, but who knows if it started in the colon, nothing was said about it.

I can understand you feeling him around you, I still feel my parents around me as well, and always have, they even come in my dreams, it's so real, I wake up crying sometimes. I know though one day, we will all be together again, just like you'll see your dad again ;)


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i kinda know what you mean.my grandmother past away 3 years ago and while i was going thru the roughest time of this cancer i prayed every night at bed time to God and to my grandmother she would always hold my hand when i was little to fall asleep and as i was praying to her and God i ask her to hold my hand and to help me thru this. it was if i could really feel her presence and a calming would come over me.i know she is there with him and also here with me....Godbless....johnnybegood

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My husband Bill had a near death experience when he had his sudden cardiac arrest. I believe very strongly that there is life beyond what we experience here on earth.


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I feel that there is another dimension or space where we can move very freely. Spiritually I don't know but have beliefs that when we die we go to be with our Creator and our loved ones. No pain, no sadness, basically heaven. We will be pure energy in new form. But for now while here try to live life to the fullest. Some say we're here for only a short time, short time to some is a long time to others.

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To hear near death experiences if anyone has been almost there, and what they saw when they came back, what did your hubby see Gail??


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