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Hondo’s up-date

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Joined: Apr 2009

Hi everyone just got back from seeing my oncologist, first I would like to thank you all for the prayers offered in my behalf, it is proof that God hears when his people pray.

As you know my doctors were telling me about two months ago that they believe I need to try cyber-knife to remove what is left of the NPC cancer still in my nasal passageway. We talked about it some and decided first to do a P.E.T. scan, that was last week. When I seen the doctor today, he just can’t believe what he is seeing in the PET. The cancer or what they believe to be cancer is still lighting up there scan, but showing that there has been NO CHANGE in the passed 18 months, whatever they are seeing is still the same size.

I asked him what do you think we need to do? He said Do Nothing, came back and see me in 6 months.

I pray for the day that I can hear I am cancer free, but for now I don’t mind staying in the Lords work shop.

Thanks again everyone and may our Lord, Savior, and Friend keep you in His care.

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You are cancer free. cancer dosen't stay the same. They are looking at scar tissue or something else. Merry christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good to hear Hondo. Whatever you are doing, keep it up. Regards to you and your family this holiday.


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I have been thinking about you today and am so happy to hear your news. You are beating all the odds and I just love it. Honduras for Avacado season here you come!!! I hold you in my heart. PK

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I am sooooo thrilled for you Hondo!!! Sounds like GOOD news to me! Have yourself and your family a fantastic holiday. The new yr.will bring in good things for you:)


Kent Cass
Posts: 1898
Joined: Nov 2009

Very happy for you, Hondo. Dr. must be convinced something very positive is happening- don't come back for 6 months. Could be the Lord is taking over management of your case from your Dr., and that would really be somethng great. Again- this news is as excellent as excellent gets.


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Prayer works.
Nuff said.

--Jim in Delaware

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Posts: 6643
Joined: Apr 2009

It is enough just knowing the fight we all go through everyday and the pain and sorrow that cancer brings to all of us and our families. But I feel I would have missed out on having friends like all of you if I had not had cancer, so today I am thankful for the cancer I had. Somehow even in our darkest travels in life God shines a light for his children to see there way.

I will continue to stay on my diet and take my Herbs and look forward to going home to Honduras in Avocado season next year. An Avocado a day keeps the doctor away..

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HI Hondo,

Mate I was very pleased to see your post as I was getting anxious but I am a day ahead of you here in China.

I was feeling for you having to wait so long to get your results. All sounds fine so keep doing what your doing as it seems to be working. That is good news.

Amen Hondo Amen !

Warm Regds


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Jan Trinks
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That is great news Hondo. Praise the Lord! You are such an inspiration. My husband saw his radiation oncologist last week and it was a good report. He see his regular oncologist next Thursday for his 3 month check in with him. And you are so right; prayer is a powerful thing; so glad we have it, aren't you? We'll keep you in our prayers as I know you will keep us in yours. Merry Christmas!

Jan and Charlie Trinks

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i think people are right. cancer doesnt stay the same. youre the reason i started
reading and posting on here. im so happy for your news.


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