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pancreatic cancer alternative oncologists!

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My mother was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She has a good doctor who is very western and traditional, but we are very interested in also finding an oncologist who does non -traditional or more experimental treatment as well. It would have to be someone who was very knowledgeable about what would interact with chemo well- etc- We live in Milwaukee, WI. Any ideas?
thanks much

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You may want to check out the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Care in Evanston, IL. You can read about Dr. Block in his book Life Over Cancer. Haven't any experience yet with this, but will know more in a week or so.

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This might help:


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I am almost a five year Non Small Cell Lung Cancer survivor and I've been in a support group for 4 years. I have no evidence of disease so I feel very blessed since only 16% of people walk out the other side of NSCLC.

I would urge you to contact the major cancer research centers/hospitals rather than to seek "alternative" treatments at this point. Search for: MD Anderson, Sloane Kettering, Vanderbilt University Hospital, Duke University, etc. Sloan Kettering would probably be closest to Milwaukee. These hospitals have all the latest research (and researchers) for the newest cancer treatments. Many chemotherapy treatments today target the tumors rather than being "systemic" (making your whole body sick). They cut off the blood supply to the tumors which kills the cancer cells only. The side effects are not bad and can be managed well. Most of the drugs that I know about do not make you lose your hair or become nauseated.

Please ask your Mother's oncologist or the social worker at the oncology clinic to help you find the best and newest treatment for your Mother. There are also pilots who will provide free transportation to the treatment location for patients with life-threatening illnesses. Search for "Angel Flight" but, there are several others. Many large corporations, who choose to remain anonymous, offer the use of their corporate jets to transport patients.

I am looking for a pancreatic cancer clinical trial for my friend and if I find one, I will post the news on this site.

God Bless You and Your Mom,


PS My husband, Joe, is a 7 hear Prostate Cancer Survivor and I know of many Stage IV patients who are living happy and healthy lives today.

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Hi Madelyn,

Johns Hopkins is doing a clinical trials of a pancreatic cancer vaccine. The scope is limited to those that have had the Whipple procedure successfully performed at Johns Hopkins. I contacted one of the doctors to see if I could get into the trial (I am a good candidate (My oncologist agrees) for the trial except that my surgery wasn't performed at JH.

I was told that they are trying to expand the trials and to check back in about three months.

Prayers all around,


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I would certainly read this; http://www.pawpawresearch.com/articles.htm

Do not believe in anything else apart from the mainstream medicine.

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