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social security

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Interested in anyones experience with social security. I'm stage 4 and it seems to be getting harder and harder for me to continue working. I have no experience with social security or even have a clue how much I would qualify for if I even qualify.

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Stage 4 as well, and just called the local Social Security Office, and they made me an appointment to go see them, and they'll take it from there. They'll want to see your paychecks, and tax return, I didn't get Soc Sec, they gave me a whopping 70 bucks a month for ssi since hubby made too much during the summer (they shouldn't be counting the overtime he had to work to get that money, 80 hours a week sometimes!) I don't even go there anymore, or talk to them, since to me, it's just not worth the back and forthing to go there and see them for reviews, for their phone calls, and such.


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It is my understanding if you paid into the system, and you are Stage IV, you get fast tracked getting approval but I think you still have to wait the six months to get benefits. Not real sure on the six month stuff. If you have young children, you will be able to collect for them also. My niece is on social security disability and she gets benefits for herself and her 3 children. Her husband continues to be emplyed full time. She was a teacher and is no longer able to work as a teacher due to her illness. There is a maximum amount for the family stuff. Your social security print out they send out each year around your birthday gives you the amount you are eligible for. I think you can find out much of the information you need on line at their website. Good luck and let us know what you find out. Tina

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you can go to their web site and apply for disability right on line.Thats what I did. Then I went to our local ss office and signed release forms so they could get my medical records Stage IV is the key words. They usually fast track these cases. I just applied 2 weeks ago and got comfimation that i will receive ss disability. Hope this info helps. I'm praying for you. Deb

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Iam on SS disability,when I was approved
there was a 5 month waiting period before I started
receiving money.amount is dependent on how many years
you worked,how much you made,
how much you paid into FICA.
the good thing is they make a direct deposit into my bank account.
You can apply on line,but it takes a while and I didn't have the patience.
I made appt and someone asked all the questions and filled out the paperwork for me.
I worked for 35 yrs,so I made enough on disability to cover my basic bills.my family helps me out with extras.

unfortunatly,you have to wait two years before you can get medicare.Then you are automatically enrolled,and they send your card.premiums are $96 monthly and they pay 80%
altho I find my hospital, along with some doctors ,will accept what medicare pays
and not bill the 20%

in the meantime I was on state medicaid because I was too sick to work.
also ,because I make below a certain amount monthly,the state pays my medicare premium,
and any co-pays I get billed(Pennsylvania).
that would vary by each state policy.
This was 4 years ago ,to my knowledge nothing has changed much with the process
good luck

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Thanks Kate for the good information. The waiting 2 years for Medicare sucks though. I heard the wait was 2 years but truthfully, I though that was mis-information. So what is someone to do during that 2 years, most certainly cannot afford private insurance. I think that if you are Stage IV anything and get ss then medicare should be automatic. Again, thanks for he info. Tina

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Paula G.
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This was my husbands experiance too. Paula

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I don't know what state you are in,but I went to the state
welfare dept,and I didn't apply for cash because I had the SSI,
but I qualified for state medical insurance (medicaid).

they paid all my bills for the two years untill medicare kicked in.
then they became my secondary ins and pay the 20% copay and cover some precriptions
medicare does not pay for( I don't know why ,but medicare won't pay for ativan or any other kind of sleeping pill ,anxiety or antidepressive, Medicare pays for all my other
perscriptions,usually with no co-pay or just $1 or $2.)

the only thing wrong with state medicaid is, every 6 months they send a re-application I have to fill out ,sign and send back. But I guess since they are paying some of my medical bills,
its a small price to pay.

SS has never bothered me with anything.
I guess with the diagnosis of stageIV,they know I'LL probably be chronic.
maybe if you have another kind of illness they make you reapply periodically.
Oh,they also told me if I went into remission and went back to work and stopped SSI,
IF i then had a relapse all I had to do was call them and it would restart automatically,
and immediately.
hope this helps you
btw,I'm in PA

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I am Stage IIIc and had no problem getting Social Security and Medicare. I had already been off work for a year when I was diagnosed with cancer. The social worker (angel) at my hospital arranged everything for me. It was alot of paperwork but she helped all the way. Yes, I did have to wait for the 2 years but they went back to when I first stopped working. Maybe there is a social worker that can help you. Mine made all the difference. I am NED but can't work and received assistance during the waiting period.
Blessings to all,

Debbie (gramma)

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SS disability is automatic for colorectal cancer survivors with stage IV disease and then the next calendar year you get Medicare. I had been on short term disability from my employer for months before I applied and actually got back pay once the payments started. It did take 2-3 months for my first payment to come in but other than that the process was easy.

I started mine over the internet, followed by an interview phone call from my local SS office. The next step was forms for me and my oncologist to fill out and 2 months later a letter came saying I had been approved explaining the payout etc. My experience was very positive and I will never say anything bad about it or Medicare. As I've said before the only people that complain about Medicare are the ones not on it.

I still have my private insurance (pay monthly for it as part of my retirement benefits after 25 years with the company) and used it as my primary insurance the first year thinking it would be MUCH BETTER than Medicare. The next year I talked at length with my company insurance rep and found out my monthly premium for it would be 1/4 if I used Medicare as my primary insurance and that due to huge numbers their negotiated payments were much better too. I was nervous but decided to try it for one year and lo and behold my out of pocket expenses were significantly less with Medicare as the primary and my private as secondary.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Lisa P.

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My husband went on line and filled out all the paperwork in about 2 hours. Stage IV is definitely a super charged word for them. I was approved in five days, but had to wait the six months to start getting my direct deposit into my checking account.

Good luck,
Debbie in Arkansas

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