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Is it something we are doing?

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I was diagnosed two years ago when I was 25. There is no family history of bladder cancer. I was in pain for almost a whole year before I found out. I would bleed and dread going to pee because it hurt so bad. My primary care didn't think anything was wrong with me until I finally went to the emergency room. I had a CT Scan and suddenly nurses started hugging me until a doctor finally told me that I had a massive tumor taking up 3/4 of my bladder. I found the best doctor in boston and a week later, I had surgery that lasted so long, the doctor had to stop, come out and ask my mom if he should keep going or do a second surgery. My doctor said that you usually don't have symptoms and mine saved my life. I had stage one cancer and since then I've been getting cystoscopys every 3-4 months. He said due to the fact that I am so young, he didn't want me to have kemo or radiation. At the beginning of this year he saw a spot and lasered it off and said there wasn't anything to worry about. Well now he just found two tumors that are starting to grow. I am now 27 and I'm going for my second surgery. This time around he is going to remove the tumors and then coat my bladder with kemo. Hopefully this will help me go longer than two years. I just wish I could have more answers to all of this. Is it something we are eating? Is it the fumes from my paints? What, what is it? What can I avoid to prevent this from coming back? Luckily I have a great support team. I have a wonderful family and friends.

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Skid Row Tom
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Sorry you drew the short straw. Nobody in my family has ever had cancer -- any type of cancer. In 2006, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and in 2007 bladder cancer (two tumors). I'm a non-smoker and a non-drinker and am physically active. I've never asked "Why me?", but I have asked "Why?" I'd like to know, too. Right now, it appears I've beaten both. But I wonder if there's another shoe that's going to drop.

Good luck.


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I cannot answer that directly but note that we are both in the Boston area. I am out in the Concord area myself. I would not think you did anything to get bladder cancer ...though it feels like it it is not a punishment. Just do as they tell you and with luck you'll beat the devil for good.

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I guess we are in the same dual cancer club..though I believe the PC is now gone..

Just had prostate removed and pathology reports indicate confined disease. Cat scan indicated small tumor on bladder that was removed Feb 5th. Cysto of April 21 all clean as was pathology. So, hopefully it will be kept under control..

Be well and my best wishes,


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There is much they can do today and your chances are good.

My thoughts and good wishes are with you..


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