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Have to vent!!!

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Hi Everyone.

Well it seems that last week when Al was supposed to have the ct & mri they only did the ct.
They were supposed to do the Mri to see why he is having back pain. I call no report.

So we go tomarrow at 12:00 for the mri and then to have our meeting with the team an Hillman
Cancer center at 2:00 or so.

I am just so up set, I should of known that something was up when the Dr. called on Monday and
said that the ct looked fine but no word on the MRI.

This is the second time someone has messed up bad. The first time Al ended up with pneumonia and now we have to rush around tomarrow with him being in so much pain.

I did get a call from the social worker this afternoon to calm me down and see if there was anything she could do.

I know this seems so petty compared to what alot of you are going through.

I have been where most of you are and Al is like an experiment in stage IV EC. I just cant
believe they messed up again. Now I have to triple check everything, its hard enough keeping track of meds, and appts, and food and everything.

I shouldn't have to make sure that people are doing there jobs correctly.

Thanks for listening

God Bless

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How frustrating! It is hard enough for us caregivers to keep track of everything we need to.....but to have to make sure others do the job they are paid to do! Unacceptable. Thanksfully (knock on wood) we have not experienced that. Feel free to vent anytime....that's what we are all here for.
Stay strong,

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Tina Blondek
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Hey Kathy!
You are 100% right for being upset. I do know how you feel. I have to triple check almost everything my dad goes to and has done. I feel that I am the dr's assistant alot of the time! One time his ongologist did ask me if I were in the medical field, because I seemed so knowledgeable. Made me feel pretty good, but it is not our job to check up on their jobs!! Vent here all you want. We are always all ears.

So....now it is the 10th, did he have the mri? How is his back doing? Let us know what happens. Keeping you both in my prayers daily.


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Hello All,

No word yet on the MRI, Al was not able to go to the appt. this afternoon after the MRI
am waiting to see if the Dr. to call with the results. I hope he calls tonigh!

Thanks for all your support!
God Bless

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