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"AIR MILES" program- ACS assistance for airline ticket costs related to cancer treatment

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Hello everyone!
Mike just mentioned in a thread about the help with gas program that the Amer. Cancer Society offers. I called my local ACS (which routed the call back to the main headquarters) and the representative I spoke with took down all my information and will have someone call me back re. this program. I'm not sure if I will qualify though, because the rep. thought that the program is based on your income need. Another program, however, she thought is not based on income and helps with people who have to pay for airline tickets to travel far away for cancer treatments, Dr. consultations, etc. It's called the "Air Miles Program". I'm excited about this possibility since I now will be flying regularly every 2-3 months from San Diego to Nashville for the new treatment I'm on. The rep I spoke with said the person from the actual Air Miles program wasn't available at the moment, but she took all my info down and said they'll get back to me within a day or two.
I'll let you know if I find out more info. on it.


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Corporate Angel Network
Corporate Angel Network is a charitable organization that arranges free flights for cancer patients to treatment centers, using the empty seats on corporate aircraft flying on routine business. Based in White Plains, N.Y., the 23-year-old service, which arranges 1,200 flights a year, is open to all cancer patients, bone marrow donors, and bone marrow recipients who are not in need of medical support while traveling.

Patients may travel as often as necessary, and eligibility is not based on financial need.

For more information about Corporate Angel Network, visit their Web site.

Angel Flight
Angel Flight Northeast is a non-profit organization that provides free air transportation to patients and their families needing medical treatment whose financial resources would not otherwise enable them to receive care. They have scheduled more than 52,000 flights since it was founded in 1996, flying over 8 million miles and are a member of the Air Charity Network (formerly Angel Flight America). Almost half of Angel Flight Northeast's patients are children. They currently have more than 1,500 pilots volunteering their time and aircraft. For further information, call (800) 549-9980, or check their Web site

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renew my faith in humanity and this country... i dont think/hope we will ever need to use this for my hubby, but so glad it's available!

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This is great- thanks so much for the information!! I'm excited that between these three possibilities that I might not have to be shouldering the entire cost of flying back and forth to Tennessee. Thanks again! :)


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Their websites, when I posted about traveling or something in a thread as well, and love that these people do this for us, and appreciate them all. I may be calling them as well in a couple months, but scared if it's those tiny planes, I've always been afraid of flying, but may have to just Xanex myself out to get on one to go to Texas LOL..


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I don't know about the other two programs mentioned above yet- I plan on calling and inquiring within the next few days. I'll find out more about the Air Miles program ACS has & if it will work for me. I'm pretty sure it isn't certain planes used- it would be the big commercial planes.

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I'm replying to bump this to the top of the posts- I know others are traveling across country and may be helped by this info.

Maika Clarke
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Hi Lisa, It looks like I may have to travel from California to New York for a second opinion and maybe for treatment. I'd love to hear what you find out about the ACS Airline service. I have friends who are willing to donate airline miles and I'm not sure how to consolidate them. Thanks, Maika

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Hello Maika.

This is an old thread, and sadly Lisa has passed away. 

If you would like to start a new thread, and ask this question, feel free.

Sue - Trubrit

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