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Lines in xrays

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Am having new cat scan made of my chest because there is hairlines seen in my left lung in recent xrays. Has anyone any information as to what these lines usually mean?

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You are not being ignored, catdec. More likely is that not so many folks have experienced what you describe. I am a lung cancer survivor and I never had what you are describing.

I would bet, though, that hair lines, as you describe them, are alot better than 'shadows' and 'masses' and 'interesting spots'.

Good luck with your results.

Take care,


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The "lines" they see on the XRays after treatments are often a sign of lung fibrosis from radiation. Hopefully this helps, my mother just finished her treatments for SCLC and they had the same findings on her XRay.

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I just finished my chemo and radiation treatment and my CT scan also showed wavy line and the Dr. said it was probably from the radiation.

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