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Can you believe Kim's dad walked a mile today?

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I am so thankful for God watching out over my dad at Duke. He is on the cardiothoracic surgery step down unit and will be there for his stay. He has alot of tubes: IVs, heart monitor, feeding tube, catheter, chest drain tube, epidural pain control (have I forgotten any?). he doesn't have oxygen any more though. They encouraged him to walk 3X/day, at least 2-3 "laps around the unit. He walked 6 the first times!!! (with a rolling walker to help manage tubes and for stability). He then did this 2 more times. A sign on the unit wall said that 18 laps equaled a MILE! So... my dad was able to walk a mile the day after an esophagectomy! I pray that this is not to good to be true.

HE will have the epidural pain pump 5 days (I think) --so hopefully pain won't be a huge problem afterwords. HE also gets other pain meds as needed. I posted a picture of all of us on his caring bridge and face book.

It is strange that he can not eat or drink anything. I have seen that on this site many times---but didn't realize how hard or strange it is for them. The rest of the world is getting a meal and he can't have a sip of water... baby steps.

Apparently there were abnormal cells at the margins, but they did not look like cancer. They thought that they were deformed form the radiation damage--he apparently got the maximum treatment. Those pathology results won't be back for a week---so we can't get to take things for granted!

Thanks for all the prayers. Prayers from me go out to those who jsut had procedures & surgery (Donna & pgmomma's dad for example) and for all those who can't have surgery and are dealing with different stages of treatment. Stay strong and positive for your family and self! Don't give up HOPE--even if it is for small things.. think of the glass half full rather than half empty!

My dad always said "No matter how bad you have it, someone has it worse!" some may think this is corny---but this is part of a song that just popped into my head:
"rejoice--this is the day the Lord has made!" How often did I used forget that??? not any more...

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Betty in Vegas
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He surely beat Layne's record! In fact, he is beating MY record recently. I used to walk or jog two miles every day before EC came into our lives...time for me to get back to it when a man who just had surgery is showing me up!

Tell him BRAVO and that just for him, I am going to get on the treadmill!

The not drinking or eating this is SO weird huh? You swallow from before you are born and suddenly, you CAN'T! Layne missed water more than food. Wanted crushed ice and water SO badly...

Thanks for the update!


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I know what you mean--I used to exercise regularly too...somehow priorities all change and time is even more limited! I'll have to get moving soon.

Is Layne's back area healing well?

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Tina Blondek
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Hello Kim and Dad (Kenny)?
Great news!! So glad to hear the good news every now and then! Yes, we all need to "rejoice"!!
I am so impressed and proud of your dad for being able mentally and physically to walk all of those laps!! Remember not to overdue it though. Thanks for the update. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today! Keep us posted.

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Hi Kim!!!

I'm so happy to hear the good news!! You dad is doing GREAT!! I must say I'm a bit jealous, but can't be any more happy for you and your family!!! I will continue to pray for a speady recovery for him!! He's made it this far, the test results have to be good news too!!! I'm just so happy for you guys, I can't think of anything else to say!!!

BIG HUGS!!! and continued prayers!!

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That is great news!!!
I am glad to hear that all went well. I happy to hear that he was up and moving! One step at a time and we will all get thur this. I bet he was so happy to get up and move. That is all my dad wants to do. He wants to move but a little step back got us another nite in the ICU but hes MOVING TODAY!! YAY...

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Hey Kim,

Sounds as if dad is going for a record!!! I think that its just great. I know he will keep up
the good work and be home before you know it.

Keep us posted.

God Bless

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Wow, that's so great. Your dad is really coming along. He will probably get to go home sooner than later because he is doing so well.
Thinking and praying for you guys,

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