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Heading to Sloan

Julie 44
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Just wanted to update everyone...I am heading to Sloan on Thursday..I need to have blood work done and a CAT scan..Then on Friday I go back there to get the results and a plan of action...I am just walking through this like a zombie but I am still working cause if I stayed home all I would do is cry...That would get me nowhere fast except maybe a huge headache...Getting a snow storm tomorrow hopefully it will be all done by Thursday so it won't mess up our traveling because it takes about 1 1/2 hours to get there..Not looking forward to snow but thats life in upstate New York......JULIE

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Have a safe trip, Julie

I hope you get the answers you are looking for - if you want to PM me your address I'll put something in the mail that could "brighten" up things, if only for a moment. A few folks have already rec'd theirs and have enjoyed it...I'd like to include you if you let me, I hate it when you are having a hard time...I'll bet you'll crack a smile.

I hope the weather is OK for you - it snowed in Texas for an hour or so the other day, but nothing stuck - but that's life in down south Texas :)

Take care and thank you for the update - am still thinkin' of you.


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Hopefully you will get some answers at Sloan and they will get you on a program to deal with the liver mets. George's responded well to Avastin so maybe that will be part of the program to get rid of them. I'm sorry you have to go through this bump in the road around the holidays but I guess there really is no good time. Don't forget to post when you get a program to deal with this. Wishing you the best - Tina

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Julie, I go to Sloan for treatments and surgeries and all. Are you by chance seeing Dr Kemeny?
I also live upstate (Orange County) and go in for treatments on a regular basis. The city should be clear on Thursday, it's going to change over to rain.

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glad to see you go and be safe i will be thinking and praying for you....Godbless....johnnybegood

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My sister is also seeing a new doc at Sloan. I have heard nothing but great things. Have a safe trip and keep us posted. Keep warm. Brrrr, it is cold.

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Thinking about you as you move toward your new plan. Best to you as you head to Sloan on Thursday.

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Wishing you a safe trip, and new alternatives to try for treatment.

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I am so sorry that its going this way. If I could change it for you I would and you know I would. I think that being persistant and not letting it go is the utmost at keeping it at bay and I think that you are a Warrior and will do fine in this battle as you have in the past ones. Again, I am very sorry that you are going into war again. Its one of those odd times that I really don't know what to say , only this...Love and Hope and all of Gods blessings on ya.......we all love ya here and know that you'll do just fine........{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}


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Sloan is a fantastic hospital/treatment center. You will not be sorry that you have chosen to get a second opinion there. Which doctor are you planning on seeing?

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Be careful driving hope for good news.


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I may be going there next year Julie! let me know how it turns out, I'm pretty much in your situation, and will be going for a second and third opinion if needed when tax refund time comes back, right now, I just can't afford to travel.


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Best of luck in your trip to Sloan & on this part of your cancer "journey". I hear Sloan is a fantastic place & know its' reputation is incredible. I hope you hear only good news there!

Julie 44
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Hey guys thanks for all of your best wishes..I will be thinking about all of you when I am there. I will use all of your prayers.....
I am seeing Dr.Neil Segal if anyone has seen him before pleae let me know....Thanks Julie

Fight for my love
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Have a good trip.Good luck with Sloan.

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