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HO HO HO! Got your gift...... thank you soooooooooooo much! I too won't go into detail but just know...... my entire family loves it! You are a wonderful and kind person who not only makes life bearable and beautiful in our chat room but now you bring joy to our home. God has truly blessed us to have a fellow semi:colon like you!!!!! Merry Christmas from my family to yours.

Love you always..... Jennie


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Hi Jennie!

I'm so glad that you and your family are enjoying it! I hope it brightens your holidays just a little bit more :)

Thank you so much for your kind words! It warms my heart when the people I love receive this and it means something to them! I'm so glad that it does for you and your family - that's my gift from you.

But then again, all of you ARE my gift.

Happy Holidays to YOU!!!

-Santa Craig

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Dearest Craig,

I get such joy in hearing from all who have received your gift. You are an amazing person and it's wonderful to see the blessing you are to all. It's going to be fun to find out what it is. I didn't sign up for the Christmas cards as I don't have the funds to participate. It's so fun to see the delight you bring to all. It's like the joy I feel watching people open their gifts at Christmas. Craig you are a gift to all who have been blessed to know you. Your always in my prayers. Hugs

God Bless you,

Debbie (gramma)

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I'm with grammadebbie Craig - YOU ARE THE GIFT! Your warmth and compassion, your generousity of spirit, courage and example, especially to the newbies, is the real gift.

I can't wait to find out what it is too, and it is so wonderful to see everyone's replies when they receive it. I also didn't sign up for the Christmas cards - I am only a caregiver and this forum is really for all of you fighters. But, I cannot wait to hear the details.

You bring the smiles Craig!

Love ya,

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Only a caregiver Donna??? You are what makes us go! We LOVE our caregivers!! the Christmas Card List was for EVERYONE!! Caregivers, Patients, Non-Patients, just people who wanted a smile :) ANYONE! I just sent a bunch of cards to the military, and still haven't made my cards for here out yet, but please send me a PM with your addy so I can spread some Christmas cheer to you as well! This list was especially for caregivers as well :)


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I just got it today. Have not had a chance to listen to it yet, but I can't wait. I was so excited when I got home from work and it was in the mailbox!
Thank you so much !

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100%. Donnare - you are so precious to me that you have no idea how much you mean to me! I mean you have said some of the sweest things to me I've ever heard in my life - and you remember my appointments and you've opened posts for me! I love you, honey!!!

YOU are not JUST a caregiver - YOU ARE MY FRIEND and so very SPECIAL TO ME!!! (ok, i'm crying now)...

Donna is right! This is for everyone - you are a beloved family member to me, Donna, and all of us that KNOW YOU.

So, here's what I want you to do: PM me your address and Santa Craig will make a Christmas "gift" for you too - and then you will also know the joy of the season and can still enjoy what everybody has to say too! Please send me your address and me and Santa will get working on it - it's a gift of love that I want you to have from me. PM Donna too so she can send you her joy!

GrammaDebbie - This goes for you too, Sweetheart! It won't make my Christmas unless I can send this to you to also enjoy for the holidays! You've also said so many kind things from your heart and you make me cry reading them, they are so genuine :)

I don't want anything in return but a smile on your face and laughter in your voice and love in your heart - ah, the simple life!

OK, Ladies (Donna/Debbie) PMs for you and Santa will fill your orders with Christmas Cheer!

Santa Craig

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Send Craig your address. He really made my day with the 'gift' and I want you to share in it also. It will make you feel so good....

Thanks again Craig! You are the best!


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Wow guys - you made me cry! Thank you so much for those kinds words. It's hard sometimes - don't want to overstep my bounds. Don't know exactly where I fit in anymore. Not having cancer, I know I cannot truly know what it feels like, but as the wife and caregiver of someone with cancer, I'm not sure I fit in with the "healthy" (for lack of a better word) crowd either. Things just don't look the same to me anymore, never will again, and I'm not sure I would want them to if they could. I lost my "innocence" - if you will.

I read the caregivers forum and post sometimes, but I'm drawn here to this forum, this "family". The love and compassion offered here, especially from people like you two, is truly amazing and inspirational.

You are always in my prayers - everyone on this board is, and my wish for Christmas is for a miracle of healing for everyone here.

Thanks guys, be well,

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Omg Craig! I absolutely love it. You are the most wonderful man( besides my husband) I have to write that in case he reads this, lol but truly you are a gift to us all! Much love to you an Kim!!

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...is Hawaii's way to say "Merry Christmas" to you.

Thank you, Donna!

-Santa Craig

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thanks you sweet southern Santa! enjoying the music!


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