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Dad's surgery Completed 12/7

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First off thank you for all the support during this time and prayers as well.

Dad went off for surgery at 730 am. They started at or around 830 am. We were told that in two hours they would know weather or not they were able to complete the surgery, or just put a port in and call it quits. At 1130 we got our first update, Dad was stable an they were working great! BIG SIGH OF RELIEF there. THANK the lord that they were able to complete it. Well finally around 6pm we got the call from the DR. Everything went well. However they did find some suspecious tissue in his windpipe area. They got down to the reg tissue as best as they could without any demamage done. They took about 20 lymph nodes if not more. The tumor was big but didnt penatrate to the heart or lungs.. Another good SIGN! He said that this was a fast growing tumor that prob wasnt their for too long. The stage of it is prob high but that just means that the likely hood of it coming back is high. But with Chemo and rad and rechecks he will be fine. Consider him lucky that he got to the DR so soon and surgery. Any longer he wouldnt be able to have it.

So we saw him last nite. He was okay. He had a good nite last night. The tube came out today. And he's in pain of course, and now they are taking him for a chest xray. I dont know why yet, I guess to see about his lung. Waiting to hear more.

Please continue to pray for a speedy recovery!

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Glad to hear your dad had he long surgery. They will be taking him for alot of tests over the next few days. The most important is the swollow test that test for leaks. No leaks
dad get to go on a clear liquid diet and move on from there.

Any questions just ask. Al just had his done on Oct 19th so, I've been there and still doing

Hope things continue to go well.

God Bless,

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Thanks! Im sure Ill be asking alot since this is all new to me.

He is having rappid breathing due to fliud behind his lung. They said they will move some tubes around and take another xray tonight to see if it improved.

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I am keeping him & you in my prayers...

one day at a time...

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Betty in Vegas
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Layne had afib and they put him on metropopel to combat it. Rapid breathing and very fast heartbeat...

Fluid is a problem a lot too, I hear. Is he walking yet? That helps a lot. Layne had difficulty with that when he was under the haze of the pain meds, but once he got walking like prescribed, it went away quickly.

Will keep him in prayer!

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He is still in the ICU due to his breathing.. But they are moving him today. The fluid around his lung, is from the chest tube so they moved it and now it got better. Another xray was done this morning and they said his breathing is a little better, he does wanna get up but since he's in the ICU they wont let him.. Today they will and he will be feel much better. He is on Morphine so, the breathing could be from the pain he's having.

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Tina Blondek
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Hello Pghmomma and dad!
Praise our Lord! God is good! Congrats to both of you for a successful surgery. Now to move on to the next steps of this long journey. Just take it one day at a time, stay positive, and keep the faith. Once he gets out of ICU, he should be able to walk some, and get up out of the laying down position. That will help with the fluid buildbup. I will keep praying for both of you. Keep us posted.

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Thank you. This crowd is sooo WONDERFUL. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. I sure hope the fluid will go away on its own. Im sure it will! I hope faith and hope for him. If it wasnt for this lung/fluid problem, he would be in a step down unit last nite. But a little bump in the road but he will be fine!

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Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers as you tackle this bump in the road.

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