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Kim's dad's surgery went well

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very long day--just got back from hospital. The surgeon said my dad, Kenny did very well--had 6-7 hour surgery---mostly laproscopically. He did do a larger incision (few inches) in the abdomen to better see the insertion of the feeding tube. HE is going to a step down room right now and my mom is staying with him tonight. Hi blood counts were down a little--so I hope that is not serious. I am so tired I can't write much right now--to make it understandable anyway..

thanks for all the prayers--they are very appreciated!

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Hi Kim, That's wonderful news about your dad! I hope things continue to go well and that he will have a swift and easy recovery.
God bless,

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Betty in Vegas
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I bet you are exhausted, too! Thanks for the update, and know that we are not done praying!


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Tina Blondek
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Dear Kim and Ken,
So glad to hear that the surgery went well. What a blessing. There is definitely power in prayer! Now we will continue to pray for a safe recuperation. Keep us posted, and you will all remain in my prayers. Tell your dad hello from us!

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So happy things went well....keep us informed when you have time. Keep you and your family in our prayers.
Stay strong,

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Hi Kim,

I am glad everything went well with your dads surgery! He will be home before you know it!

Take care, have your mom get alot of rest she will need it for when he gets home.

God Bless,

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