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how do I get husband to drink when he is so tired after chemo?

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My husband has his first chemo last thursday and he has been sleeping almost all the time since then, how do I get him to drink fluids as recommended when all he does is sleep?

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I know you want him to get his rest, but he has to drink. Try to wake him up and keep him up long enpugh to get liquids in him! He will get dehydrated. If he is not drinking talk to the Dr. about having them put IV fluids in him. I had my husband in the ER a couple of time because of dehydration. Just keep pushing him to drink!


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it took the nutritionist telling my dad they would NOT be able to do surgery if he didn't get at least 6 ensure's a day---that was the trick. No matter what my mom and me did did not work... Don't give up. but respect him---hard to do both..good luck!

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I don't know if my husband could have taken in enough fluids on his own. He would drink around 64 oz. of water a day, and that was not enough to keep from getting dehydrated. I know I am repeating myself, but IV fluids given at home kept his energy and blood pressure up. It also prevented a couple of trips to the ER.


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Tina Blondek
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Hello and Welcome!
It is very hard to "make" someone drink, but it must be done. Even little sips throughout the day and night will be helpful. The next step is to go to the hospital and have fluids administered through IV. Keep your patiients, and your faith. Prayers are heading your way!

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