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December Birthdays

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Would like to take a few minutes to wish ALL the December babies and VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Julie44 - 1 Dec
StacyGleaso - 2 Dec
Sandi1 - 20 Dec
Sfmarie - 22 Dec
Dianetavegia - 29 Dec

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can i please sneak in under the birthday wire

December the 13th...born on a Friday


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♫ ♪ Happy Birthday to everyone ♪ ♫

I'll be 59!


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OMG I just turned 40 dec 4 !!! Happy Birthday all december babies!!!!BE Well!!!

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Happy Birthday....belated there Miss 40

I will be 63...have always thought of myself as sagittarius but I do not know when this sun sign starts or ends in December


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Hi, I'm also a December baby (29th). It's a big on for me 40!!!!!

Karyn :0)

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Happy Birthday to everyone with a December B-Day. Aren't birthdays the greatest?

Today, I'm 46!

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I hope you've had a great day and will have an even better week Katie!!!

Lisa P.

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I am also a December brthday. the 26th! And yes, it stinks to have a bday the day after Christmas, no one wants to clebrate, they are all tired out from the holidays. And even as a child I felt like I got ripped off, relatives woud hand me and my sister the same gift for Christmas and then add "oh that is for your birthday too". Needless to say, even though I turn 45 this year, I still act like a 2 year old around my bday. Adn I get really irriated if someone wraps a bday gift in christmas paper, How dumb is that??????
SO, To all you Decemeber babies,


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Happy birthday to you, I like singing virtually!
hope all your birthday wishes come true!

My husbands grandfather was born December 25th. He use to get one slipper for Christmas and one for his birthday. Dan and I were married for about 5 years before anyone told me why they had cake at Christmas, but they never sang Happy Birthday or had candles for Grandpa. Wow what a rip off for him!

My birthday is October 2 and everyone tells me they are sorry they forgot, but did not remember until they changed their calendar. Me, my sister and my niece all have the same birthday. My sister and I are a year apart, I feel bad for our mom. My sister will always be older than I am.

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to all you December babies! And many more!

Rob; in Vancouver

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I never had a birthday party until college when my roommate threw me a surprise party before our winter break. However, the best present I've ever gotten is Nicholas. He was born on my 44th birthday to our only daughter. (1 girl/ 3 boys) We legally adopted him from her when Nick was 10 months old. We'd had him since birth, tho. He's 15 this year and such a joy to both of us.

He was worth all the forgotten birthdays! Also, you ca be sure, we celebrate his birthday each year! This year we're taking him and his girlfriend to 'Stars and Strikes' for dinner and games. They love going there.

Julie 44
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Thanks for all the birthday wishes...I had a good day...I want to add my happy birthday wishes to everyone else...JULIE

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What a wonderful story Diane! It sounds like Nicholas was a wonderful birthday gift, a gift that keeps on giving!

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Nana b
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Happy Happy Birthday to you all and to my hubby Steve! He will be 57.....yeah he robbed the cradle. lol

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To all you December Angels!! I love that story too Diane, you don't look 59!! you look much younger, you must use some great skin products, because you just glow, and look so flawless!!!

Hope all gets out and enjoys their birthdays, and think of me being there trying to sing (very offkey) to each and every one of you!!


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