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Sometimes you're lucky and meet a true angel (eric38)

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I am blessed to have met a true angel. Many of us will go through life and never met one or see one but I have. He calls himself eric38. I hope he see's himself for what he truly is.. An Angel without wings.


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Of all of you as my angels with and without wings :)


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Good stuff....

My angel here was Spongebob - I married him. He is a wonderful husband and my best friend.

Glad you connected to your angel here too. It's what it's all about....

Many blessings for restored health to you both!

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Posts: 988
Joined: Jun 2009

Just bumping this up!!

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I am so thankful for all of you here, in the short time I have joined this site, each of you as made me feel welcome and part of your family. I truly am grateful for everyone!
You are all angels, lifesavers, sounding boards, and friends!

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I agree with you 100%

Love you all Big Hugs Mike

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I call them angels who walk the earth. I have been blessed to meet many. At the top of my list - my chemo nurses. My colorectal surgeon. The Nurse Practitioner at my OB/GYN's office who made a HUGE deal about my father having had colon cancer and first referred me to my surgeon. The lady who works the dining room at Burgerville - Dorothy. I met her while going through chemo and she spiritually adopted me - adding me to her prayer chain at church and always giving me big hugs and words of encouragement any time I stopped in, regardless of how busy she was. And so many others.

As a little girl I remember asking my mother if God still talks to people. She said yes, but most people no longer listen. To me, these "angels who walk the earth" are one way that God talks to us. There are many angels out there who fly under the radar that many people never know exist.

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Thanks Brooks. That is high praise. We are all special in our own way and the people on this board prove that. It does make me feel good to hear those words though.

God bless you, Brooks, and everybody else on this board.


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I have so many Angels here on Earth, starting with my dear husband. A good friend quietly paid for 10 acupuncture visits for me when I was broke, another friend who flew in and took care of me after surgery (the first time) and offered to come out to CO after my recent surgery as well, and last but certainly not least, everyone on this board! Thank you to all who care so much for us.


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My angel is my best friend Bonnie(for 27 years) in 4 1/2 years,
she has not missed a doctor appt,has sat in the waiting room
for all my surgeries,and bedside when I woke up.
when I spent 2 months in hospital,so sick I couldn't stand,
she drove the hour and a half to sit with me almost every day.
on weekends her husband came with her.
she has missed just ONE chemo session, because of a problem with her daughter.
and when she called to tell me she could not make it ,she had already arranged for another friend to go with me.
I thank God every day for putting her in my life.
(I take care of her animals when they go on vacation or away for a weekend,and I always babysat her kids, she says that makes us even...not even close!!!)
I thank God for putting all of you in my life,so I will have an outlet to vent
when the need arises.
Thank you all,and may you all have a very blessed chrischanukkqwanadon !!

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