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I have 3 brothers all of which are older than I am and since my Dx in July with stage IIa cancer I have been riding them to get their colonoscopies. One had his colonoscopy a couple of weeks ago and one has it scheduled at the end of this month. The other has his GI appointment this week so all are on the way to getting checked out.

The good news that I wanted to pass along is when my 2nd oldest brother got his pathology report back. He had several polyps removed and one was precanerous. I am glad that even though I had to go through this I was able to keep at least one brother (so far) from having to do it too. So I think that is a pretty good Christmas present and one I would take anyday.



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    That is a wonderful present I am trying to get all of my siblings to get checked out as well as my oldest son.If I can help anyone avoid this beast it would mean the world to me, Take care and keep up the fight. Deb
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    Keep trying

    I use the scare method. I have described in detail the issues that I have gone through from the initial radiation and chemo to the surgery and ostomy bag issues. I also use the guilt method. I tell them that the least that they could do for me since I have had to go through all of this is get the colonoscopy. So far that has worked. It also helps that two of them have children. I have no problem using their children to get them to go. I have also threatened to talk to their wives. All in all don't give up on them. Continue to bring it up at every opportunity. If nothing else they will get it done so they don't have to hear you talk about it.