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Kidney cancer diagnosed Nov 24.

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Dr says it is only in Kidney and they will try to remove just the tumor Dec 14, labaroscopicly. If cannot get all the tumor, may have to remove the whole kidney. Tumor is only about 2.5cm X 3cm.

frank kirkey
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Hi,Hey thats the easy way hopefully,Mine was to large they opened me up on my right side.Luckily I only lost quarter of my kidney ended up stage2 cancer.I had mine done Cleaveland Clinic.I will be thanking of you in my prayers keep your head up high.Also a positive attitude helps.Just had my 9 month check up,so far 3 cats in 1 chest x-ray.Iam good so far,Doc. said this was best Christmas present he could give me I agree take care,Frank

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I was told Dec 15. The doc says hopefully we only have to take half of the kidney. He is afraid that its to close to the main entrance so he might have to take the whole thing. I'm scheduled for Jan 25. In the meantime I get to go to Iowa City to have the plaque Brachy installed to my left eye for the melonoma tumer I have. Strange, everything has been fine for me for 45 years, now within the last two weeks I'm told I have two seperate tumers. It's been quite a blow to the brain. I'm trying to be positive but its tuff. I have an 8 yr old daughter who is mil mentally hadicap. She knows Im sick but insists that I don't go to the hospital. At times I think this desease is rougher on my family then me.

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I had my right kidney removed last December due to stage 2 renal cell carcinoma. I have insulin dependent diabetes and also had two other masses on my chest wall and lung. The kidney was removed successfully. I now have a tumor on my other kidney. I have a scan done and will follow up with the doctor next month. I would encourage everyone that has to deal with this to....be encouraged-no matter what. Tell all of your friends and co-workers to be positive for you, even when you can't be for yourself and keep pressing on. I have found strength that I never knew I had. Anything is possible. I pray often and will pray for the wonderful people in this chat room as well. Remember-you are not alone! We are in this together.

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I too lost my Right kidney in 2006 now have 1cm cancer on left kidney. (grew from .5cm in March to 1cm in September 2009). I have another MRI in March. They want to watch it as they said they don't usually catch it when it is that size so don't really know how to treat it at that size. It is located in middle back of Left kidney which I think is part of the problem too. They are afraid if they go poking on it now they may do more harm than good. Scares me as I don't like the thought of dialysis and they said I would have to be cancer free for 2-5 yrs before transplant. What are they going to do with your cancer on kidney now? How big is your tumor? I agree about having the support group around you. I hate to see how it tears at my husband though. He tries to be strong for me but I know how much it is on his mind and how our future is so uncertain now. Although none of us have a date stamped on the bottom of our foot so just keep on kicking and enjoy everyday!

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