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Use of hot tub when on chemo?

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Hello everyone,

I've received conflicting answers to my question about the use of a hot tub while on chemo. Several years ago an oncologist told me "no." Recently, when I asked again, the PA said: "Yes, certainly." The oncologist told me to "just wait until you finish treatment".....but, unfortunately, that still hasn't happened yet. It's been so cold and chilly here that I just long to sit in the hot water and warm up my bones. But, I don't want to do anything dangerous. Also, I have a port. Does anyone know? Any of you just do it without asking? I would appreciate any feed-back. Hugs to all, MM

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Oh Michaela Marie I wish you weren't still having to do chemo but am glad that you are well enough to be thinking about getting into a hot tub. Do you have a hot tub? Maybe if you can regulate the temp it would be ok. It is starting to get cold down here too and the thought of getting into a hot tub sounds wonderful! Thinking good thoughts for you!

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Thanks to all of you wonderful ladies for your input! Yes, we do have a hot tub, and my husband uses it most every night for his sore back and shoulders. You can see how that would make me jealous, right? Before my mother-in-law died, she took medication for high blood pressure (as I do too) and her doctor advised her to only spend about 5 minutes at a time in a pool with hot spring water which was just about her very favorite place to go.....sort of a resort/campground area. I wonder if just doing 5 minutes, plus not sitting down low enough to engulf my port would help? I have a Cat Scan coming up and am worried sick. I'm one of the ladies on the Cisplatin/Gemzar regimen. How are all of you girls doing? We need to update our thread. Thanks for being there and caring......Luv, MM

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It is great to come here and read updates from you. I have to say mine isn't a hot tub actually a thermo spa .. whis is similar to whirlpool bath. Now lots of prayers for a great scan. Hugs Bonnie

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I would not use a hot tub with a port. I was advised to keep my port "clean", so I wash the area with an antibiotic soap when I shower.

Hot tubs are notorious for breeding bacteria. Any infection that gets thru the port will go straight to your blood stream. I would follow the instructions of the oncologist, rather than the PA.

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Hey MM, I use mine all the time depending on the chemo... yes we need to warm the bones. Sometimes it does irritate the neuropathy though. It well be interesting to read others responses. Hugs Bonnie

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I tried using a hot tub during my last chemo and I found that I would get very dizzy and weak when I was getting out. If you decide to try this, please make sure that you have a buddy for support. (((HUGS)))

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I used a jaccuzzi tub when I was on chemo. Although it wasn't a 'hot tub' I do like very hot water. I was desperate to soak in the tub. I too would get weak and dizzy.

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We have a jacuzzi which has HOT water!! I use it whenever I want to which is more often than not! Especially in cold weather. With the shots my bones and muscles ache most the time and that makes me feel better and more limber.

I too can feel dizzy and weak when I get out, but that is my fault!!! I drink lots of water, too as it can dehydrate if using too long.

In His Grip,

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Those winter winds are blowing and a dip in a hot tub sounds good to me! I love hot, hot showers or a soak in a hot tub. I know too hot is not good for you, but I just can't resist - I have a tendancy to always feel cold. Anyway, you'll feel week and dizzy getting out because your blood pressure drops suddenly as does your body temperature. Libby is right - drink lots of water, too. And just be careful getting out - wrap a towel around you right away, or a thick robe so you won't have a huge drop in body temp.

Happy bubbling!


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