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does anyone collect anything?

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Just a little break from cancer here this afternoon. Does anyone collect anything.???

I grew up in the 50's so I am collecting Christmas stuff starting from the 40's up till about the 70's. I have bought a few things on ebay but mostly I just let stuff come to me through yard sales and thrift stores. There's a lot of light up plastic, aluminum trees, old glass ornaments, snowmen etc. I have started to put a few on my expressions page.

To many eyes I am sure my "collection" looks like a lot of old junk....lol

but to me every piece is a precious piece of Christmas history.

any fellow collectors???/ cars, guitars, plates,????


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Nana b
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I love colorful dishes, platters, etc. I love to cook and enjoy my home. Reading is my past time...when I'm not piddling. I will put some pictures on my expression page, let me take some pics. My house is over 100 years old.

pics posted

Love your collection. They would look perfect in my house! :-)

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I've collected turtles since I was 10. I had the live ones back then. Red-eared sliders, that you could buy at the drug store. I started making them as crafts back then too - ashtrays, clay sculptures... I let my last live one go in a big pond when he was 5 years old, and very large. None of my friends could get theirs to live more than a few months. Mine had a nice large aquarium in the winters shared with snails, and they summered in the pond in the flower garden with large goldfish. Most lived many years.

My fascination with turtles has extended through my whole life. I've collected them from everywhere I've traveled, all over the US, the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe. Family members always get me one when they travel somewhere new. I have hundreds and hundreds of them. Ceramic, crystal, rock, stone, gem, shell, fabric, plastic, many different metals and woods, glued sand, Huichol ceramic beaded from Mexico, Murano glass from Italy, and many more. I've got shotglasses, pencil holders, ashtrays, bobble heads, pins, magents, classic collectors, fun stuff, elegant pieces, and more. I am always amazed when someone finds a turtle different than I have in the collection. That is getting hard to do. My curio cabinet is completely full. My tables and ledges around the house have turtles scattered here and there too. I also have some larger ones on the floor. My yard has several also. I have one that is a solar light, a big turtle on a swing that hangs on the porch, a boot scraper, and other outdoor turtles.

My house in Mexico has several too, but not expensive ones.

I support ecological projects around the world involved with the protection of sea turtles. One of the biggest highlights of my life was swimming with sea turtles in the wild in Barbados. Another was standing inches from a large female laying and burying her eggs in the sand under a full moon in Mexico. They are amazing creatures.

I am a turtle fanatic. I have not yet met anyone else that collects them.

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I have a tea pot collection. One of them came for England, my brother and sister in law were missionaries to Whales and on a trip home they stoped at an English tea room, they picked up a "proper tea pot" that the sales person "could be used for tea-unlike the decorative ones in America". One of the tea pots was given to me when we got married almost 30 years ago and I have one from the 1930's that belonged to my Grandmother.

I also have a thimble collection. Go figure, what else would a quilter collect?


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I seem to be collecting them. I have 8 of them now and there are a few more that I'd love to get. I have a few unique ones but about 1/2 are just run of the mill ones.
I love the old ornaments. All the ones I had have broken. I used to like the lights that had the eyedropper type end that bubbled as it heated up. I checked out your page, come nice ornaments!

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I collect rocks, minerals, and fossils, and have been at it for most of my life. I've been all over the U.S. and Canada, amassing a wonderful collection of museum quality specimens. One of these days I'll get around to posting my collection for all to see. It's stretching it a bit, but I also breed exhibition poultry and at present collect 5 breeds which I show up and down the East Coast.

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Well my house collects dust - LOL. Yeah never ending isn't it. I used to collect porcelain dolls and I had them all over the house. I have since put them all in their original boxes and up in the attic. I still have a few sitting out, but nothing like what I collected.

As far as Christmas goes, I do collect anything that is animated for Christmas. Also, if Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is involved, I get it, including screen savers :) Hermey the Dentist, and Yukon Cornelius and the Island of Misfit toys are my favorite characters. I told my son, I think they make those just because they know I will buy it.

I do like to get a couple new ornaments every year also. I have close to 400, plus 275 bows on my tree. I could do Christmas all year long.

Enjoy all your collectibles.


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I collect jewelry - especially costume jewelry. I love to see pictures of the 50s & 60s and all the beautiful jewelry the women used to wear. I have some with rhinestones and some with colorful beads. I also like to collect scarves. I wear the scarves often. The jewelry is for special occasions. It is all fun!

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that is my passion i have been collecting them since i was a little girl.they have come from many places around the u.s.a. and one of my favorites is a black beauty and foal made out of china my grandmother got it for me when she took a trip to europe.i have a lot from the breyer collection also.i was fortunate enough 3 years ago to actually buy a real one.he is a palamino and now i even have a 8 month old baby.i try not to spoil her but it is hard.so not only do i have a collection in my house i have 5 outside in the field.....Godbless....johnnybegood

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I have a few books by certain poet/artists but I don't collect things. I am very minimalistic and don't hold on to things unless I need or use them. The whole family is this way as well. The kids get rid of toys as they stop using them. We don't even have an over abundance of dishes, only what we need. I do buy the kids Christmas ornaments every year though.

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I collect lions, mostly figurines, but I also have stuffed ones.All my family and friends add to the collection if they see a new one. My husband and I also have a lot of Harley Davidson memorabilia, from the last 30 years.

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Both of which I find easier in the Netherlands...lol...we even put rugs on our tables...

GREAT topic!

Just returned from my cruise of the Mexican Riviera....it was warm, and breezy...

Hugs, Kathi

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I love anything connected with tea, especially teapots.

Now don't y'all laugh, but I also have a "thing" for homemade soaps. When I go to farmers' markets or craft fairs, I never leave without buying some. My house may not be clean, but I am!


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thank you everyone!

so nice to think there are other freakooo colllectors out there

keep those collections coming
when I told my hubby I had posted this thread....he said.."you mean other than ct scans....booohoo yes there are other things :) :)


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Have you seen the round ornament Coke bottles that are out this year? I got one at Wal-Mart, because it was just so cute!


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was a model for a billboard for Coke in the 40s. She was their first and only redhead for years so it's easy finding stuff. Every year they have a calendar (one with old "stuff" and one with current "stuff" so she was Ms January 2004 on the oldie calendar. Us 6 kids have some really nice things her photo is on from the Coke museum in Atlanta. They were great to work with.

In 2004 while on chemo I found her photo on a set of Coke cannisters in Cracker Barrel and bought them for my oldest nieces' wedding gift. Ole chemo brain never thought about getting a set for myself!!!

Have you been to the museum in Atlanta? If not, you really should go. I was amazed at how entertaining it was.

Thanks for the smiles your Coke collection thoughts have brought to me tonight.

Lisa P.

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I have a Christmas name, so I collect Christmas decorations with "Joy" on them. I also collect pastel Fiestaware dishes.

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there seems to be more than one Christmas collector here.....that is great.

When you say pastel dishes are they LU-Ray...in those pretty pinks, blues and yellows

I love those dishes


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I used to collect teapots, but I have so many I stopped. I still collect Santas of all kinds and have them from 1 inch to 4 feet tall. I also collect plates, not the commemorative ones, but just pretty plates, salad size usually. I have racks on the wall and rotate them every so often.

Being a quilter, I also collect fabric, buttons, beads etc. My basement studio looks like a quilt shop! You never know when that gorgeous silk might come in handy! My daughter loves to come and 'shop' at Mom's.


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Pigs, stuffed or ceramic what ever we say that we liked, because angel would call me his little piglett.


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That's so cute Michelle!

I collect and trade Bootlegs. I have concerts from old Faith No More concerts, I really like Mike Patton's music, who is in several bands, it's weird, erratic, and I just love it. But I do collect other Bootleg music as well..concerts on DVD, and CD's...Mike Patton is the lead singer of Faith No More (remember the song "Epic" from the late 80's, early 90's?) I have also met him and even got his autograph, he was actually really cool. He's also done the voices of "The Darkness" and the creatures in "I Am Legend", Faith No More used to be one of my fave bands, still is, and plus some more that I collect!


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I collect carousel horses.I have a complete set from the franklin mint I received as a gift.
Also, I've been collecting porcelain carousel horse tree ornaments for years.
my christmas tree is very victorian with the horses, ribbons and satin and lace balls.
My friend Bonnie's mother in law used to work in the smithsonian as a docent and every year she would get me a new carousel animal ornament from the Smithonian collection.
I also collect Boyds Bears.I have about 20 of them so far,I love the occupation ones,dressed as fireman,nurses,farmers,etc.
I also have a collection of little lead crystal boxes and perfume bottles.
AND my collections COLLECT a lot of DUST!!!

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Being a military wife and moving with my husband every two years I'm learning the value of "less is more". I'm learning the value of more internal treasures than external ones...things like love, family, friendship, companionship, good health, time, gratitude.... Those things are much easier to carry with me. Although I do have an affinity for books.

That monologue George Carlin did about stuff was a hoot. You can check it out on youtube.com. You'll get a good laugh.

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I began collecting Steinbach Nutcrackers in the early 1980's but haven't gotten a new one in about 14 years. They cost too much! I keep them on display year round and they are now very fragile.

I also LOVE Christmas and have wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too many ornaments and 'pretties'. I didn't put them all out this year. I have a small box filled with snowmen and Santa figurines that are not going to be used. Santas, Snowmen and nativities. I have a black nativity set that I love. Jesus was not a blonde haired, blue eyed boy but a dark skinned Jewish child.

I collect pigs and roosters for my kitchen.

Hubby and I buy old movies and watch them over and over.

Clocks! We have about 26 clocks in our house. 3 are boring and the rest are interesting.

Books! I have Stephen King's autograph and most of his books, including the new one, 'Under the Dome'. Loads of other authors. I have a very eclectic taste in books.

Hubby collect EVERYTHING. Turntables. Vinyl records (he still has his collection from his teens). We love everything from Rainy Day Women 12 and 32,Hotel California to Josh Groban and Southern Gospel. Speakers. Loads of Baseball stuff.

We have kept our Lincoln Logs, over 1,000 Hot Wheels from the 1970's - 2004, a huge HUGE bin filled Thomas the Tank Engine track and trains. GI Joes.... I even have a 5 gallon bin filled with Crayons.

I am also a collector of DUST. Red dust. Our house was built directly over hell. That's the only explanation for the red clay dust that is on everything daily. I have given up the battle and decided that life is too short to give a flip about dust.

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So, I collect soft sculpture Cabbage Patch Kids (not the plastic-headed mass-marketed ones) - mainly just the Asian ones. That pasttime has really helped me get through all of this cancer crap. Yes, I'm 34 years old and I still play with dolls.

Donna, my husband and I occasionally argue about Faith No More: I think they started the whole rap-rock fusion genre. My husband maintains it was Anthrax and Public Enemy...what does he know!


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I collect wind-ups toys. I have over 80 and sadly some of the older ones don't work anymore.

I have one that used to be on The Weather Channel years ago and I thought that was pretty cool.

Lisa P.

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I collect santa ornaments for my christmas tree.

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I used to travel a good bit before my dx. and will always get a shot glass from wherever I go. I did manage to snag one from Antigua the week before my operation in September. If there's a Hard Rock there, that's usually where I pick one up(bonus*, gotta eat too, nothing like a pulled pork sandwich from the HR!) Best thing is they don't take up alot us space! My sister collects pins. She works for Delta and if it weren't for her flight benefits, I probably wouldn't get to go to as many places as I do. So, I also pick her up a pin wherever I go as well.


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Christmas....mags, kate, kim, joy, ittap and diane


Teapots....tootsie and thready

Music boxes.....kathi

Coke stuff....lois

Fabric...luvinlife2 and vicki

CD`s ....donna


wind up Toys....scouty



... poultry...and rocks..neon

books...sigma and usakat

the winner of the biggest category goes to johnny with horses...real horses

the smallest maybe should go to thready with thimbles

and please forgive me.....maybe the most expensive goes to Philly with his many guitars.lol

did I miss you
kick me in the head old chemo brain :) :)
what else you got out there kids


Julie 44
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I LOVE Thomas Kinkade things..Anything of his...I have several small prints,ornaments,candles, cards ,music boxes,Xmas tree and various decorations....I am hoping one day to get a big painting of his but they are wayyyyyy to pricey for me now....JULIE

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I never considered my books a collection,
I have about 400 hardbound.
(I pass the paperbacks on to someone else to read.)

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I have close to 2,000 that I have read, tho retention of what I read has worsened over the years and more so since chemo. I save the books I've read since college and have bookcases stuffed in living and bed rooms, books atop books (hence the most well-read roaches ANYWHERE!)Won't count my music collection of vinyl, cassette and CD, especially fifies, sixties and blues with a bit of everything else.,which is also spread thru living and bed rooms with Sony system in living room and Bose in bed room.Then there's my collection of weights and various types of bars collecting dust til I get cleared to exercise again. Actually, these were my three main enjoyments in life prior to Dx(reading,music,exercise)Only recently have I gotten back into books and music....Steve

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OK, Ok, It may be cheesy, but I do like to collect anything with Panda Bears and Unicorns as well...I actually have a nice soft stuffed Panda (ok, so I have 4 stuffed pandas) but the one is really soft, and I lay my head on him alot, and bring him to the hospital with me each time I go. He keeps me company on those lonely nights....


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