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A question for tongue cancer patients

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I know the normal course of action for tongue cancer patients is radiation along with chemo. However, my father who has tongue cancer will not have to undergo chemo. We, of course, were very happy to hear this and I think my mom wanted to jump on the drs desk and start dancing! Anyway, my question is to those of you who have had chemo and radiation. Do you think it will be easier for my dad because he will not have to endure the chemo and all the nasty side effects? Thanks so much for any help!

Thinking positive!


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Not to make you worry, but radiation has pretty severe side effects. However, it can be done, endured and it does get better. My husband is over 2 months post treatment which involved an Erbitux infusion once a week during his 7 weeks of radiation.
The rad. side effects were by far worse than the chemo. Be specific with your radiation oncologist and insist he /she tell you EVERYTHING you need to know. If your dad is like my husband, he will find that most of what you are told is true, but somethings are not as bad as expected. PK

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The gold standard for this cancer is Radiation and chemo. For very minor stages, "In Situ" they sometimes only use radiation. What stage is his cancer in and why are they not using chemo? Then you go from there.

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