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Super good news this morning

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All my husband's tests came back negative for any cancer....the tumor is gone...biopsies are negative...Pet scan only showed returns from inflamation and he said she doesn't like them because of too many false positives but since he is in an arm of a clinical trial it is required..he sees the radiologist Feb 18th..CT end of March and his oncologist April 2nd..

He asked no questions about what's ahead...what they would do if it came back...he said..he'll confront that when it's here...

I know that wayward cancer cells are no doubt floating around somewhere...and I know there is a huge chance it will rear up it's ugly head...but for now we're going to enjoy our Vegas trip and Christmas...and enjoy every day as it comes...I don't want to lose today worrying about tomorrow...even though it lurks back there...

Thanks for your encouragement...I pray for everyone on this board...

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Betty in Vegas
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We would love to meet you. :) You can drop me a note here or on our carepage and I'll get you my cell.

Betty Johnson

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Betty..my email is oriontj@comcast.net

We'll see what we can set up...


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