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MRI biopsy

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I have been diagnosised with DCIS in my right breast. Now an MRI shows a suspicious spot in my left breast. Had an ultra sound today and my surgeon wants me to have an MRI biopsy of the left side. I'm scheduled for surgery (still hasn't been decided whether it will be lumpectomy or mastectomy) but we need to find out if there is reason to also be concerned about my left breast. I also just found out that my DC125 (ovarian cancer marker) is slightly elevated....
Has anyone had an MRI biopsy...can you tell me anything about it?

Seems like everyday reveals new issues...

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Sorry, dont know much about mri biopsies, but I had cancer in the right breast and the mri showed a suspicious area on my left side as well. I had already decided that if I ever had cancer both breasts would be gone and when they did the mastectomy on the left, there was no cancer there. I just couldnt live with the worry.

Hang in there and I will pray that its nothing to worry about.

Linda T

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I was scheduled for MRI biopsy when my tumors were first dxed but because I have fibromyalgia, the technician decided to do a ultrasound guided biopsy and I was able to lay on my back. They showed me the machine that does the MRI guided biopsy and from what I saw and was explained you lay on your stomach and your breasts show thru an opening. The MRI then guides the dr/technician thru the breast area and does the biopsy. Hope this helps you a little bit. I don't think its any worse than other tests except biopsies are scary to think about. Just be sure to tell them to make sure you're numb before they start the biopsy. And they can give you lots of lidocaine, for numbness. Let us know how you're doing. So sorry that you have to be here with us.

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Good luck! I only had a MRI prior to my lumpectomy to make sure there was no other cancer in me.


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I had an MRI biopsy when I went for a second opinion. They do the regular MRI where you are laying face down on the table. The breast they are doing the biopsy goes into a device that holds it still so they can map where they are going to biopsy. It also has a mechanism that provides a shot of numbing medicine to the breast once they figure out where they are doing the biopsy. After they do a few images the radiologist came in and the machine injected numbing meds and the radiologist did the biopsy. It didn't hurt becuase of the meds but I did feel a lot of pressure. Once it was over it seemed to bleed more than the first biopsy I had. I think that was because the first biopsy I had only tested one spot and this one tested three.

Other than the weirdness of laying on the table that way and then sitting up and having someone use direct pressure on my breast to stop the bleeding, it wasn't too bad. I will say I was really sore for a day or so afterwards but advil took care of it. The bruising was pretty crazy. I looked like someone had punched me all over my chest!

My tumor was in my left breast and during all the testing they found something in my right breast too. They did a biopsy and it was nothing. I think they are just being really careful! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Good Luck with the test!

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I have just had a MRI, not with a biopsy. I hope that the others have helped you out and relieved some of your anxiety. Wishing you the best of luck!

Hugs, Diane ♥

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Hi ccd,
I had DCIS dx by stereotactic needle core biopsy (SNCB)in June. The SNCB was one of the scariest things I ever had done. I was alone and had no idea what I was in for, even though I had done my best to ask about it. Then the surgeon wanted an MRI done of both breasts in order to better plan treatment. See, if you have even more cancer elsewhere, your treatment options change. You shoud know that MRIs are notorious for showing 'areas of enhancement' that turn out to be nothing.

DAy of MRI biopsy: sure enough, the spot in my non-DCIS breast disappeared to the point that he couldn't even see it anymore. (The MRI biopsy took place 2 weeks after the MRI.) However, the 2 areas in the DCIS breast were still lighting up, so he did biopsies of both. They were both benign, praise be!

Here's how it went:
Got to hospital, paid $300 in advance, even though our insurance covered it (???) Got into gown from waist up. IV inserted in arm for contrast dye later. In MRI room, took off gown, laid face down on table with 2 holes (known as "coils")in it, one for each breast, arms forward, above head. Almost like you would be diving into a pool. Lots of your weight, therefore, is placed on your sternum where the part of the table is between your breasts. Your head/face rests in a support something like on a massage table (ever had a massage?)

The breast they work on will be lightly compressed. Anesthesia (lidocaine maybe) is injected in your skin, then deeper into your breast, near the lesion. At various times you and the table are moved in and out of the MRI machine for image taking. The machine makes a lot of loud noise, like boys with hammers inside a metal drum! Contrast dye is injected through your IV and more pictures are taken. Then the radiologist uses a long hollow needle to reach the spot and he takes up to 9 samples of tissue from in there. You won't feel anything! Then he puts a metal chip or 'clip' in the hole left by the biopsy for future identification. (I'm still 'wearing' my 2, and will forever.) Then the nurses stop any bleeding, you sit up and walk to a 'recovery' room where nurses dress the wound,put ice on it, take out the IV and give you instructions for care for the next couple of days.

I needed to wear ice packs in the bra they gave me for 3 days. It felt good and kept the swelling down. However, he bruised me badly and I still can feel the hematoma that developed (4 months ago!) but it's getting smaller all the time. My surgeon and radiologist whistled and shook their heads at the size of the bruising and hematoma. Hope your radiologist is gentler.

Because the SNCB had been so traumatic for me (what a way to start this awful cancer journey), I asked for a prescription for anti-anxiety drugs for this procedure. I was still a wreck from the surprise diagnosis of cancer! And I NEVER have taken ANY drugs stronger than Tylenol, even for childbirth. NEVER anti-anxiety, mood elevators, or anything. But I'm glad I did for this MRI biopsy. As my surgeon warned: it's a bit of a production. I don't think I would have to if I ever needed one again though.

I wish someone had been around to give me the details or that I had found this site before, not after, all my cancer treatments. So, at the risk of giving you too much information, I hope this helps you be prepared.

All my prayers for a benign outcome, ccd! Connie

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I have only had a MRI, but, not a MRI biopsy. I just want to wish you good luck.

Hugs, Diane ♥

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Right breast is IBC, they found calcium on left,I wanted them biopsed. I went to a different facility and was surprised wen they did the mammo bio.
I was sitting up the entire time. As mammos are, it was more uncomfortable as it was much longer than a normal mammo.
Nonetheless, it was done, I think lanocain was applied and inserted into the tissue. I only felt a big pinch towards the end when a nerve was hit.
The cells found are atypical and will be wire removed when I have the mastectomy. The chances of it ever being anything are low, but I want it gone.
Best of luck to you.

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I've had a couple MRI biopsies. The technology has improved considerably in the past few years. The first time, they did the MRI and marked the spot and then made me go to another area and they did a stereotactic biopsy. (By the way, stereotactic biopsies are much improved over the past ten years. I had my first one in 2000, and it took forever. The difference in technology is like comparing a screwdriver to a power tool).

The more recent MRI biopsy was much more civilized and faster. I found that it really wasn't any worse than the MRI, and was quicker than the MRI.


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Connie's description is pretty comprehensive. I had one done a little over a month ago. My journey started w/routine annual mammo and ultrasound (very fibrous/cystic breasts). Radiologist 'thought' he saw something, but couldn't really tell. Offered bx of that area or MRI on both breasts. The option offered the ability to see abnormalities in BOTH breasts as opposed to just one area. Opted for MRI...there were abnormalities on it that required biopsy and since these could not be visualized by ultrasound, I had the MRI guided biopsy.

I would add, if you are able to bring a warm pair of pajama bottoms w/NO METAL, do so...it's freezing in the room. Anxiety didn't help either. Process took at least an hour. I too had huge hematoma! my breast looked like an eggplant and I had quite a bit more pain than I expected. Still, ibuprofen took care of the discomfort. They found abnormal cells, not malignant, but suspicious and recommended local excision (lumpectomy). My lumpectomy was found to have a very small IDC.

Good luck...let us know how it went for you. Julie

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Hello and welcome.

I had an MRI guided biopsy of my left breast. They already knew that I had bc in right, but as in your case, they found a suspicious area in my left breast also.

If you have already had a breast MRI, then you know what that it like. The MRI guided biopsy is the same as having the MRI, except you will be in & out of the machine a bit more and then they will being you out, numb the area and do the biopsy. You will still stay in the same position as you are in for the MRI. Once they have taken a sample, they will put in a "clip" or marker, and put you back in the machine to make sure they got the right spot,

As with any biopsy, it's not painless, but the team who did mine were very understanding and they explained everything that they were doing.

Wishing the best for you...


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No ccd, I haven't, but, I wanted to say that I wish you good luck. Be sure and post again to update us.


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Hi Cathy (ccd)... I too had the MRI needle guided biopsy... that was after an Ultrasound needle guided biopsy... because of all the tests (this was after my dx and lumpectomy that turned into a partial mastectomy)... my anxiety was so bad I had them perscribe adavan (sp?)... it helped me get through it, but looking back on it now, it wasn't really that bad... the worse part is, there is no lady like way to get into position ...I just joked with the techs... and did my part to get the girls in their perspective openings...

Hang in there and know that though this is all overwhelming right now, you will make it through, and we will be waiting for the news when you do.



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