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Breast Cancer and Thyroid Cancer

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Hi...my name is Pammy and I usually post on the BC boards, but I came here to post my question because it concerns my Thyroid. I was wondering how many of you that have thyroid cancer was also diagnosed with another cancer prior and went through radiation treatments?
I read that radiation exposure was the #1 cause of thyroid cancer, and without bombarding myself with too much info researching another cancer, I thought I would start here. I finished my radiation treatments in September for BC and now an area of concern and nodule was "accidently" found on my thyroid when I had a cervical CT scan. I am scheduled Thursday for an ultrasound of my thyroid.
I am confused because I would think a blood test to check levels would be protocal to check first, but they want the ultrasound done right away. So of course, skipping test and using the big guns has me concerned! Also, when I had my PETscan done prior to BC surgery, a "nodule" showed up then (June of this year) but no area of concern. They didn't seem to be too worried about it then. So I don't know if I have gotten worse, or possibly radiation treatment has now caused thyroid cancer. I do have symptoms of hypothyroidism, but these are also symptoms of menopause & BC treatment, so it is hard to tell. I was 47 when my BC was diagnosed and was put into menopause by removing my ovaries since hormones feed my cancer. I have in the last few months developed dry skin (mostly on scalp), weight gain, and extreme fatigue. (Oh yeah, I thought maybe I could pay medical bills by writing a book "Ultimate Couch Potato Hand Guide for Dummies" since I have been so inactive for eight months!)
Ok, us cancer survivors (at least me anyways) have a tendency to think everything that goes wrong is another "cancer"! I know you will tell me to wait on the test results, but I will still drive myself crazy in the meantime.
So, if this has happened to you, I would love to hear from you! Thanks....

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Hi Pammy:

I to was dx with bc ca in 2007. I am waiting for Tuesday to call my oncolgy assisted to see why she asked me to please called her.

It was during an exam my MD found that my thyroid gland was swollen. He asked me to mentioned it to my onocolgy on my next visit and also have him to run the necessary test since It was time for my lab work.

I had been having some pain in my neck and also had diffculities swallowing at times. I also thought that I had a bladder infection that wasone of the reasons why I was there for that visit. I hope I dont't get bad news. I had my last dose of Herceptin the 7th of this month. I hope and pray it is not ca again.

I didn't have to have radiation for my ca because I had a mastectomy of my left breast. I have weight gain and very fatigued after work.

I wish you all the luck and may God Bless!!

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