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DRMSC VS Ewing's

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First please allow me introduce myself. My name is Bill and I reside in Sacramento, California. My Fiance' of 6+ years Jennifer has recently (within the past 3 months) been diagnosed with a soft tissue Sarcoma within her abdominal cavity. The tumor itself prior to her first round of P6 protocol chemo was roughly 14.4X22X17cm. After only one dosage of chemo the tumor has shrunk down overall 3cm to it's size now of 11.7X19.6X14cm. The problem is that Jenn is inpatient due to complications from a DVT as well as her stomach being partially blocked by the mass pressing against her internal organs.

She has been having problems with fevers ranging anywhere from normal (98.6) all the way up to 102 degrees at times. She has also been constantly tachicardic since her being admitted to Kaiser.

The biggest issue we're dealing with is we cannot seem to get an honest answer out of Kaiser (Big surprsie there) as to which of the two types of Sarcoma this is. Jenn is an otherwise healthy young woman of 31 years with almost zero family histories of cancer. Stanford pathology performed the initial biopsy exam and something happened where it was sent back to Kaiser without a dignoses and Kaiser turned around and sent it back to Stanford. So twice the samples were sent back and forth numerous times causing both of us to question 1) the competency of Kaiser's pathology & oncology as well as their ability to keep a sample of tissue patent.

"Technically" she is logged in the Kaiser system as having Ewing's Sarcoma but the oncologists also use the phrases Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Sarcoma as well it seems like. Granted I realize that Ewing's generally affects young adolencent males and usually is a bone related cancer but it can also be found in females and in soft tissue as well. I come from a background of being an Engineer/Medic for 9 years before having to medically retire from the fire service due to an injury so I know a little about medicine but certainly NOT enough to battle this war we are going through.

Any insight, info, prayer or anything slightly useful would be appreciated beyond what words can express. Thank you for listenining to Jennifer's story.


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