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post RAI - day 5 and a few questions

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I have found this discussion board to be both supportive and informative over the last few months.

I had my RAI for hyperthyroidism on Monday and felt tired but fine until Wednesday night when the symptoms really started to kick in. Now its day 5 and I have an incredibly sore neck, gums, teeth etc... Today I fell worse than yesterday and the swelling in my neck is worse.

Can you advise me how long I am likely to feel this unwell? When will the swelling and pain start to go? I know everybody is different and reacts to the RAI individually, but I'd appreciate hearing your experiences. Much of the reading material I have found suggests that there is only slight discomfort after the RAI, but I have quite a high pain tolerance, and I am struggling...

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts


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Dear J,

I can SO relate to your symptoms, but hang in there! After my RAI, I felt pretty crappy too; headache, no taste, DRY mouth, I could go on.
My point is, there are side effects. The folks at nuclear medicine really downplay this, as I think they want you to get through the
treatment having a positive mindset. The side effects will subside rather quickly. Mine were all gone after a couple of weeks, except the
dry mouth. That lasted almost a year, but eventually resolved. I'm gearing up for my follow up RAI, so I wanted to send a note of
encouragement to you, and also (to remind myself) to be thankful of the past two years of health since my thyroid removal and RAI.

Warm Regards,


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Hi There. I have not had RAI yet...Am waiting to see if I need it or not, but my nephew had it last summer ...one thing that he was told was to eat sour candies - lemon drops...it makes your mouth salivate which gets the radiation out from your jaw/gums, etc. You can end up with pain in the jaw, etc if the radiaition sits in there...I don't know if it's too late, but you may as well try it!!

Best of luck.

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Hi- I am asking about him since he is ahead of you in terms of treatment... How's your nephew doing now thyroid cancer wise?

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Sour candy is usually suggested to help with side effects. After my second RAI everything tasted like copper for about two months. I also couldn't taste very much. It wore off eventually. Hang in there. It will get better.

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