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We're such girls

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I was lying in bed all snuggled up nice and warm, letting the days events wander around in my mind when I happened to think about us, and I started to laugh. Here we all are facing this uncertain life and possible death, and even then what do we do? We try to protect everyone from any pain, though it costs us dearly. It's what we've done all ourlives. It seems not matter what the circumstances we just can't stop. We are great. Goofey, but great compassionate women.

That's all. It just made me laugh.

Love you all,

I'm going back the warmth of my bed. Might snow tomorrow 18 degrees. Brrrrrrr


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Claudia, I love the way you think! Right on! We are women who nurture at all costs. Its in our brain wiring.
Its 24 degrees here in Minnesota and snowing! Nice time to snuggle in.

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Okay, I just have to report...it was 68 degrees in Boston, MA today!!!

Gotta love that Global Warming.....


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I wish our board had a "like" button as they do on facebook.
Sometimes I read posts like this thread and it makes me smile.
Thanks Claudia!

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My folks live in Hollister, MO which is a suburb of Branson. They took these pictures outside of their condo on the fence around the pool. "Winter Webs" is what my dad is calling them. He said they were everywhere and beautiful....

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