Sex during treatment?

I am just curious how many of you continued having a sexual realtionship during the duration of your treatments?
I asked my doctor if on the odd chance that I was feeling well and in the mood would we be able to. She just said they prefer we wait til after treatment, but the moment its over we can.
Then yesterday I was asked by another RN if i may be pregnant cause I have been vomiting from the chemo/radiation. I had answered no there was no chance and that we were told to wait to have sex. She basically said its up to us, if we want to or not.
So I just wanted to hear anyone elses outtake.
Thank you


  • beckyracn
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    I never brought up the
    I never brought up the subject, because I definitely wasn't feeling well (and still haven't been in the mood). But just prior to starting internal radiation, the doc asked that we refrain during tx and for several weeks after. So, I guess it would have been okay. It probably all depends on your doc.