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I'm here! Update on hubby!

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Hi everyone,

I just read your posts. How sweet of you all to be thinking of me! Sorry I haven't kept in touch the last fews days. Been spending morning, noon and night at the hospital with Roy and I don't have a laptop....

Well, the other day we were given some bad news: Roy was in a self-induced coma, his kidneys were failing, he was on total life support (100% oxygen) and possible stroke with brain damage. The docs paralyzed him as a last ditch effort, sink or swim, next day or two will tell. He was stable yesterday and today. They started him on kidney dialysis last night.

Well, this afternoon Dr. Luketich met with us and gave us some hope! He said his lungs are in real bad shape, if he gets any worse at all, they won't be able to do much for him and he probably will not survive. But.....if they can slowly get better while he is in this drug-induced coma, they will try to wean him slowly (over the next two weeks) off his sedation and see if he is able to breathe on his own again. His oxygen support level is now at 95% so we are on the hill climbing down, they want him at about 45-50%. He also said they can control his kidneys with the dialysis (it will only be temporary), and he doesn't believe he ever had a stroke or brain damage. An MRI will confirm this, when Roy is able to withstand the test. Baby steps, we'll take that!

He certainly is a fighter! We're not giving up! Thank you, everyone, for your concern for me and my husband. It is so very much appreciated, my dear friends!


P.S. Just checked with the nurse this morning. She said he had a real good night (This is the first time since his surgery that they said he had a good night, ususally it's just an "ok" night)! His oxygen support level is now at 90%. Way to go, Roy! Hang in there! We have lots of people praying for you (and I feel it's the prayers that are keeping him alive right now)! So far, good news day! I have my BIG GIRL PANTIES on the right side today...maybe they will get wet...but only because it's raining out today.

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I will be keeping Roy (& you!) in my prayers....as I do daily. I am hoping he gets over this bump in the road. Sounds like he is a fighter!
Stay strong,

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Tina Blondek
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Hey Trish and Roy!
Thank you for updating us! Yes were were all getting concerned here. You made me laugh with your comment about the panties getting wet from the rain! Glad to see you still have your sense of humor. Baby steps are right. Come on Roy.....hang in, stay strong, and keep up the fight!! Prayers continue for you and Roy every day! Update us when you can.

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Hi Trish,

I have been thinking alot about you. Thansk for they update. You have been and will continue to be in my prayers.

God Bless,


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Betty in Vegas
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Isn't it strange how small something can be and we are so thankful for it? In a way, I am thankful for cancer as it changed my perspective on so much. We do appreciate good nights and simple things so much more.

Sounds to me like the doctor thinks things are looking hopeful, and that is always great. It does sound like you are going to have some rough times though, but as I told you, you will do fine. I know you are strong enough to do this. It is not easy. Oh not at all. When Layne was really struggling I thought..."can I do this for another minute?" But I did...and the next, and then I just started taking one minute, one hour at a time. And in that way, we made our way, very slowly, but surely. And really, that is the best way to heal. If you can stand to be patient (which is something I am TERRIBLE at) and WAIT on God.

Great uplifting news. I have wondered if we should have phone contacts for those in surgery so if they can't get to the net but need prayer, the phone contact could come here and update everyone. We do that in our homeschool group--we call them buddies.

Hugs and prayers being sent your way!


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I am so glad you finally checked in, I was getting really worried about you, we all have been busy on this site, as we lost a very dear and beloved friend Kitten on Sunday, so its been a little sad on this site for the past few days, she was an inspiration to us all, and like she would always tell us, its just another BUMP in the road. I think I told you on a recent post, what the doctor told me about Jeff's lungs, and I will quote that again, "SICK VERY SICK" its not a good sign when they say that, it takes alot of patience and prayers, thats how I got through it and when they just move a little on the oxgyen level it is great, I remember those days when I would go in there and he would just be breathing off the ventilator, and I would so hope they could turn it down, each day they tried but if he couldn't handle it they turned him back up, so I know exactly how you are doing this, and I was just like you I never left I was there all the time. Its a scary road and we just want them to get well. I know you had an excellent surgeon, and to me I think he is out of the woods surgery wise, you are now dealing with the lungs situation, that is how Jeff was for 14 days, so I can definately relate.

I am so glad the Big Girl Panties is on right and they aren't slipping anymore, they will be a big help in alot of decision makings, and maybe just maybe in weeks to come you can put them away and say NO MORE, but don't close the lid too soon, or I will have to ship you some more.

Please know we are all here and wait for you to respond, and if you wait too long then we start worrying, even though we all have never met, we all are very close to each other, and when one is hurting we all are hurting scared, or just want to talk so just remember, when one is praying we all pray.

take care and much hugs and prayers


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Thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear that he is getting stronger and seems to be slowly coming back. You're in my prayers. ~Shelly

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Hi Trish,
I'm glad your holding up. It has to be so hard for you. I pray for God's will to be done, but especially for the strength to comply with that will, be it life, death, get busy, or just hang in there! Please let Roy know he is a power of example to us all. Especially those who are about to take "the plunge" ourselves. Thank you both for your strength and courage......................kpup

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so glad to hear you your last update and a glimmer of hope. Sometimes, that is all the body needs---a little rest with that induced coma might do the trick!

Make sure you take care of yourself too---you know eat fairly well, drink lots of water, "try" to get sleep... Roy needs you well, not sick. Hang in there---you are backed by alot of prayers on this site!

"The Lord watches over you."
Psalm 121:5


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