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Colonoscopy for stage 4 patients?

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Do any of you stage 4 patients still get colonoscopies? I have lung mets. I suppose it would still be a good thing to do in case there were polyps you could cut them out, right?

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Nana b
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I'm having one next Monday, one year mark.

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I've been getting one every year since DX. They have all been clear but onc wants one anyway

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I am stage 4. I had my yearly colonscopy in August 09 and a polyp was found. it was determined to be a tubular andenoma polyp(from the pathology report - pre cancerous). So now I get to have another colonscopy) in 6 months. But as my onocologist said, finding it means the process works. Meaning doing a colonscopy every yearl.

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Year isn't up yet, so I have no clue I guess till it comes, but we shall see for me ;)


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and I had a lung met, which made me stage 4 last year. I already had my first annual one and it was all clear so my GI doc said I didnt have to have another one for 3 years, so got 2 more years before the next one.

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Yes I do plus pap, and mammogram.
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