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prayers work, I am praying for all of you, when one or more praying together there will be results.

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I am an agnostic, marywest, but when my christian friends asked once upon a time (in here) if I would take offense that they were praying for me, I advised that, no, I took no offense at all: I can use all the help I can get, I said at the time.

I am sure that your prayers are appreciated by many. I know that I do.

Take care,


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Yes, thank you. I believe that it only takes one prayer but it won't hurt to have more either.

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We have a strong church family. While my husband was fighting cancer, we could feel the prayers. I think it is important to remember that God sometimes answers our prayer differently than we would like. Sometimes those answers are hard to understand, but I believe there is a reason for them. God gave us more time than we expected but less than I would have liked. That doesn't mean our prayers were not answered. I do know that God healed my husband, gave him peace, and freedom from pain and took him home. Prayers, Fay

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Pam M
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for your prayers. It matters.
- Pam

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Mary, thank you for your prayers. they are greatly appreciated. In every Bible I own I have written the following:

Pray Hardest When It is Hardest To Pray. I will pray for you as well, my best to you Mary.


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