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I have just read your profile. wonderful you should be a writer, I couldn't stop reading, it was like a good book, I kept thinking I should go do something, but couldn't put it down I hope you have printed all of this and keep it, thank you for sharing your story,


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Thank you for your kindness, Pat, it is greatly appreciated.

Take care,


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Definitely keep it up Joe, it's so helpful to both you and me. It puts a smile on my face every time :)

Take Care my friend

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I have made a few posts thus far and you have answered me a few times. You are truly an inspiration. I feel that either you or family should make part of your legacy , a compilation of your comments, posts, blogs, etc., from this network. I don't think I could have gotten myself nor my mother & father past the last month without your wisdom & knowledge of this dreadful subject.Although I have been reading every lung cancer book & reading perhaps too much on the web, your feedback has been, by far, the most helpful. I have been so filled with HOPE & have been able to pass that on to my parents even with the dr's grim prognosis.

One small set-back for my spirits this morning that I have to share.......My elder son who is a freshman on a HS swim team has had a few swim meets which I haven't pushed my dad or mom to attend( although my dad has expressed an interest in attending)due to my dad's pains & fatigue.I found out that he didn't make the divisionals,& so on, & therefore won't have any more meets this year. I was upset that I didn't push mom & dad to go sooner. My 8 yr old said maybe grandpa can go next year. I immediately started crying & thinking, "Oh my God, I hope that he will be around & able to attend next year's meets." I have been a pillar of strength for mom & dad , and I'm glad that they weren't here to see my weakness with that thought. I know I have to be hopeful & optimistic but such an innocent comment like that brought tears to my eyes. I know that he will be here & I have to keep that thought in my mind.
Thank you Joe for being you & I will keep you & all of the survivors out there up to date as he begins his treatment.

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