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My dad's balloon dilation procedure

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Tina Blondek
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Hello Everyone,
Wanted to let you all know that my dad will be having his balloon dilation procedure at UVA on Monday, December 7, 9:30 a.m. Please put us in your prayers that all goes well. I will be in touch. Have any of you heard from Trish in Pittsburgh?? Hope her husband is doing better. Thanks!

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I will mark the date. No I haven't heard from Trish at all. I have been praying and thinking about her all day.

God Bless,

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Tina and Kath!

I just read your posts. How sweet of you to be thinking of me!

Well, the other day we were given some bad news: Roy was in a self-induced coma, his kidneys were failing, he was on total life support (100% oxygen) and possible stroke with brain damage. The docs paralyzed him as a last ditch effort, sink or swim, next day or two will tell. He was stable yesterday and today. They started him on kidney dialysis last night.

Well, this afternoon Dr. Luketich met with us and gave us some hope! He said his lungs are in real bad shape, if he gets any worse at all, they won't be able to do much for him and he probably will not survive. But.....if they can slowly get better while he is in this drug-induced coma, they will try to wean him slowly (over weeks) off his sedation and see if he is able to breathe on his own again. His oxygen support level is now at 95% so we are on the hill climbing down, they want him at about 45-50%. He also said they can control his kidneys with the dialysis (it will only be temporary), and he doesn't believe he ever had a stroke or brain damage. An MRI will confirm this, when Roy is able to withstand the test. Baby steps, we'll take that!

He certainly is a fighter! We're not giving up! Thank you, Lori and Kathy for your concern for me and my husband. It is so very much appreciated, my dear friends!


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Dr. Luketich is a wonderful Dr. You are in great hands. I'll pray for you and Roy. Baby steps is right. Keep us posted!!


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