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OMG Is this good news? I think it is….

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My Oncologist is one smart man and I just love him to death. He’s been doing this for almost 30 years and he specializes in Colorectal cancers. He’s the head of a lot of studies and fly’s around from state to state. So he knows his **** “So to speak“ LOL. Yesterday when I seen him he wanted me to do some things with my hands. I had a hard time doing most but some I did just fine. He poked a pinched my feet and toes as well as my fingers. He then says that he is taking me off of Oxy for my last three treatments. He stated that he already lowered it by 20% a few weeks ago and that the damage it is doing to my nerves far out weighs its cancer cell fighting. He will keep me on the 5FU pump for the last 3 treatments and does not for see that it will change the out come in any way. He states that my cancer is a very slow growing type of cancer that it responds well to chemo and radiation…. Then states that “it will be a act of god if it ever comes back”. OMG I almost fell on the floor!!!! Is this fight almost over? Can this be true? I would have told you guys last night but I felt as though I was in a fog. He still wants to scan me in 6 months but wants to do labs every month just to be sure..

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It sounds very good! Only 3 more treatments, no oxy, then NED! The end of this chemo is in sight Brooks. Enjoy the feeling!
Rob; in Vancouver

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That is wonderful news. I will be praying that everything goes well and your battle may be nearing and end. Take care of yourself Deb

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I hope he can get rid of it all, if it shrunk it by 20%, is he going to be removing the rest of it?? I'd be a happy camper if you got off the oxy, that would be great! and then NED?? Yes, there's always hope! don't lose it ;)


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The Tumor is gone. I had surg last August. This last chemo was just a "Mop up"

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Oh that oxy can be such a bugger can't it. I'm glad he is taking you off of it especially if it has already done most of it's job. You should start feeling better now.


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all the best, Leslie

Fight for my love
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You will finish the treatment soon and I think techniquely speaking after surgery you are NED already.I am happy for you.I will pray for you being NED forever.Good luck with everything.

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I'm glad Brooks that you're coming off the Oxy before it does any permanent damage to you.
That's a harsh drug.

I hope your battle is near the end for you :)


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Hey Brook
That's good news I hope all the best for you
But I have a Question what is (OMG)
Sorry I'm new at this I just found out what NED was

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Oh My Gosh

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Oh Brooks! I'm so proud of you and happy for you! What great news to get and at holiday time too! How blessed you and your family should feel right about now. Keep up the good work and take care!


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I love that news!!! Take it as very good indeed!


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looks like treatments worked out for you. Gives myself and the rest of us renewed hope.I'm sure your onc knows what he's talking about. This chemo we're doing is powerful stuff, has to be to defeat such a powerful adversary. Again, nice going,,,,,Steve

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Congratulations! Enjoy this fabulous news!

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I know u r as happy as I am..... Congrats to you my friend!


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I'm glad that there is light at the end of the tunnel,now you need to celebrate,and enjoy yourself.

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That is AWESOME~


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don't you doubt it for one single second Brooks ....any second, any minute any hour or day without oxy is a good one....congrats


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Sure sounds like good new to me!! I love reading such things on this board!! Keep it up and anything without Oxy sounds good as well - what a nasty, (but useful) little drug.
I'm really happy for you Brooks!

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Good News are you kidding, this is Great News. Congratulations and continued success in your journey - Tina

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WOW!!THAT IS GREAT NEWS I so enjoy when people share their good news. It cheers me up!

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Great news for you! So happy to hear that you are moving on from treatment real soon!!


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That's GREAT news!
It really sounds like you're out of the woods and into the playground!
I don't know what that means but it sounded good!

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No oxaliplatin.....You can do the 5fu and Leucouvorin standing on your head after doing Oxy, it was a blessing to get off the oxy for me also...Aw man that is great..enjoy yourself......Buzzard

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oh ah! When I was finally taken off of oxy, it is as though the world came alive. A few struggles with the 5FU, but so doable! So do the dance Brooks, this is such good news!

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Wow!!! That's wonderful! I bet you're dancing on air!!


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third base and heading for the home plate my friend,way to go, I am so excited for you, what a relief his words must have been, I can still hear my ONC telling me the cancer was gone, I dont think I will ever forget that day...your day is coming up very very soon...Keep up the great work, and I will continue the prayers for you...

Great job
God Bless

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Brooke! Wow! I am sooo happy for you, you have been a warrior during this awful battle. That is incredible news. I know you live in CA. May I ask whom you go to? I also live in CA and my sister is fighting this beast. We have been to many "specialists" and wondered whom you see. Congrats! Fabulous! I am overjoyed, there is alot of good news right now! It gives me hope. Marie

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Sounds like good news to me! I pray the fight is almost over for you. Brought a smile to my face to read your's doctor's statement!

They lowered my husband's oxi the last two times, and have taken him off it today too (number 10). He had a reaction last time (hives, nausea), his fingertips have been numb since his last infusion, and his onc said no oxi today.

Take care, be well, and thanks for sharing your good news!

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You are over the hill and coasting down the other side. Congratulations!


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Thats Great News! Congratulations..

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That almost scared me! I am sooooo happy it's gone, you're so lucky Brooks! do that naked happy dance now!! WooooHooooo!!!


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Just 3 rounds to go, and NO more Oxy!!!

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So happy for you.. What great news. I will continue to pray for you. Take a deep breath and enjoy. Big Huggs coming your way.

Blessings to all,

Debbie (gramma0

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Oh Brooks that is music to my ears...how I long to hear those words. Praying for you buddy everynight. Your in my csn prayer club. God Bless,Patti

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Such good news to ditch the oxy! I'm going through 'mop up' treatments too and hoping for similar outcome. Happy for ya!


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Such good news to ditch the oxy! I'm going through 'mop up' treatments too and hoping for similar outcome. Happy for ya!


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My husband was allowed to trash the Oxy for the last few treatments, also. He feel great now and is also NED as you are. Although he doesn't have the effects from it that you are having with Oxy. So very happy for you, Brooks. Our onc. said if if hasn't killed the cancer by now (after 9 treatments)a few more isn't going to do it either. So he was able to stop treatments all together after 11. I am so very happy for you, Brooks.

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