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Any financial assistance?

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I am still n the early stages of tretment for my cancer. Tomorrow I am scheduled for a scope down my esophagus to check and see if it has spread to the median, or the other lung. I am hopeful that it has not. My question is this: Is there financial assistance to help pay for all the transportation costs of treatment. I live on a fixed income, and although I have people who can drive me, I am having a lot of trouble finding enough money for the gas. Any ideas?
I hate asking such a question, when I have so many others. But right now, this is causing me as much stress as the cancer diagnosis.

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I would start with them. I know they have volunteers and they may be able to help you with transportation.


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When you are dealing with cancer, let us hope that you do not have also to worry about the small things like how to pay for gas or get where you need to go. Below is a list of sites I am aware of, although it is not all-encompassing. I would also suggest that you seek local charitable groups. Some of these may be relatively obscure, set up in the name of someone who has passed from cancer, for example. In my own city, there are several such, and they are around, some of them, exclusively, to provide transportation and companionship during treatment.

Ironically, I did not know about them while I was getting treatment (I was fortunate as well not to need them) but it turned out that one of my soccer moms was the president of one of them during the time I had a number of other soccer moms and close friends rotating in taking me to daily radiation treatment.

So: seek out organizations such as this, most likely through ACS as the first respondent suggests. Also, if you are a church-goer, see if your church has something going in this regard. You may, again, be surprised. Finally, if you have lots of friends and relatives consider asking them to do the rotation (as my friends did, although I did not ask). It is not such a burden on them if they only do it once a week or so and they would probably be grateful to have this avenue available to assist you. Most folks really do not know how to help you. Maybe ask a daughter, son, some one, to seek this out and plan it, as it would probably be uncomfortable for you to suggest it to them yourself.

I wish you the best with that, while welcoming you to the CSN site. It is a crummy club when you think about it in terms of 'membership qualification' but you are not likely to find a kinder, gentler, more helpful group of folks than those you will meet here.

Here is my abbreviated list. I hope it helps:


This site is put up by the National Institute of Health or some such, and is government-supported. TereB has responded in other discussion areas with some excellent suggestions, and they may apply for you as well. I am taking the liberty of copying and pasting them as well:

Cancer Care, a non-profit org., offers free support and counseling for cancer patients by oncology social workers. They have face-to-face counseling and counceling on the phone. Support groups on the phone are available too and are moderated by an oncology social worker. Call 800-813-HOPE. They can also give you info about financial resources. Check their website: www.cancercare.org

Gilda's Club - www.gildasclub.org - they offer free social and emotional support. Not sure if they may have financial information but check it out just in case.

Live Strong - www.livestrong.org - offers one-on-one support.

American Cancer Society (here) can also give you financial advice, support, etc. information available in different cities.

Best wishes with your treatment and your survivorship!

Take care,


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I was in a similar situation during my treatment. I found gas and food money thru 21st century c.a.r.e. It is in the Fort Myers Florida area as am I. Their phone # IS 239-938-9301 Following my treatment I was wanting to pay back for the help that I received so I became one of the co-ordinators of my churches food pantry program. We are reaching out to cancer patients and their care teams to assist them with their food needs. This may be a way to save some money and divert it to some of your transportation costs. We also have a gentleman who recently lost his wife to the battle that is doing a van ministry. I am sure that he would be happy to help get you to and from your treatments. Our Church is Cape Coral Assembly of God in Cape Coral Florida. If you are in our area or know any other cancer patients or survivors please give them our # 239-464-8458 We are here to help with food and we can deliver it to you if you are homebound.

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I salute you and the members of your church for what you folks are doing on behalf of cancer survivors. The audience in this place is clearly not even just national but international but at the same is limited to those who seek and then find it. This means, of course, that there are probably a bunch of people in the Cape Coral, FLA area who would love to avail themselves of your kindness and generosity but are not aware of it.

So, I would encourage you to let the closest ACS chapter to you there in Cape Coral know about these services you and others are willing to provide, so that when someone in need who does live in your area goes to ACS for assistance, they can hook you up.

That is, if you have not yet done so.

Just a thought.

Take care,


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