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a question for cr1954

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did your lump from cancer hurt? and to anbody that is reading this did your lump hurt when you found it.

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Mine was found in a mammo but once I could feel it, it did not hurt. Mine was ILC which does not usually present as a lump but more like a ridge. Difficult to find and does not often show up in a mammo.


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was in my right breast in the 9:00 position and to me it kinda felt like an dull ache. It didn't hurt all the time but off and on..

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My right breast itched horribly...for months, around the nipple. And I complained to various doctors, who told me it was probably dry skin.
Then, the itching turned to pain. Painful enough that even clothing material made me hurt.
Doctors then told me that I shouldn't worry about breast cancer or anything like that, because it is not painful. As long as I had pain, it would be ok. Probably just an infection.

No. By the time they took me seriously enough to look further, my tumor was very large, my lymph nodes were involved and I had outward signs of bc. Amnong them, the "orange peel" look to the skin.

My breast specialist surgeon told me that the itching had been cause by the skin thickening over the tumor. And the pain was because the tumor was so close to the surface. It was unterfering with nerves and whatever touched the area made it hurt.
So now, anytime a lump, especially one that is just under the skin, causes any kind of pain, I recommend that it be checked further.

I am stage IIIa. If it had been caught sooner...if someone had known that a tumor can cause pain, depending on its location, maybe things would have been different. Maybe it would have been an easier cancer to treat.
There are exceptions to the rule and I just want people to know that.



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Hi Cindy, I've missed you!

I had pain in my breast, too. It was very far back and there never was a palpable lump. When I went to my breast surgeon and told her about the pain, she actually said that "breast cancer does not cause pain." A year later I was diagnosed staged IIIa and the cancer (lobular) was at the place where I experienced pain.

Cindy, I feel the way you do. If only my cancer had been caught earlier....

Even if there isn't a lump, breast pain should be taken seriously!

xoxoxoxo Lynn

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I have missed you too, dear friend! I just really had to take a break for awhile. i felt like I had deserted all of my good friends here, but it was time for me to just stay away for a bit.

It feels awfully good to be back now, though!

Love ya!


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That's why I found it. I sleep on my stomach & couldn't get my right breast comfortable for several days. The third night, it hurt enough to wake me up pretty thoroughly, so I went into the bathroom (didn't want to wake my DH) and did a self-exam and found the lump. I called my dr. the first thing the next morning.

That was in September, and I didn't have surgery until 11/6. As time passed, it got to where my breast just sort of ached all the time. Now that it's out & I'm nearly healed, my breast doesn't hurt at all.

Edit--my tumor was in the 6:30 position.


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Alexis F
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I am so glad to see some of you posting about your lump hurting. For some reason, some think that breast cancer lumps do not hurt and that is not true. They can and do hurt sometimes. So, don't ever just ignore a lump because it doesn't hurt. It could be cancer. Always get it checked out.


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Mine hurt also.

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mine didnt hurt at all ,but when i found a lump and went for a mamagram ,which i have been doing since i was38 years of age every year,i am 50 now. when the test squezzed down on the lump, it was very pain full, first time that test was painfull in 12 years.i think the only sign i had before that was my shoulder ached like 90, but didnt think nothing of it, now i know that is a sighn of cancer.i was always told the lump dont move its cancer, and if it do move its not cancer . .thanks all and good luck. i have stage3 1/2and they found a mass in my lyhmp when the opened me up.they took 15 out 10 were cancer,after todays chemo i have 1 left then radation.

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Yay for you, girl! Only one chemo left after today! Another milestone in the "cancer journey"!

I found rads to be easy compared with chemo, but I got tired very easily. Make sure you let us know when you are starting them so that we can cheer you on!



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Mine did swell up and hurt for a couple of days , but then it went away...so I wrote it off as a cyst...oops...

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lots! Distorted, swolledn 2x size, niple inverted, very ouch!
All in 1 day.
CR-The itch is interesting.I had complained of a severe itch/burn on my arms for months. It would come and go, when diagnosed, they said no connection! All other parts are tested as cancer free.

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Mine did not hurt at all. It was just a lump in the 2 o'clock position, deep inside. Found it on a self exam.

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Yes mine itched, was hot, measured 2 degrees warmer than the other side.
Then pain, but I didn't get a diagnosis for a long time, no insurance. Lobular, at least stage 3. Shrunken little breast. First two days
on chemo was amazing, NO PAIN, now I'm on my second round of TAC, and it has lots of strange feelings and is shrinking! So far so good! Especially if I can survive the treatments.

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My GYN found my lump during my yearly exam last April. When she pressed on the lump, it hurt. She said that's a good sign because "cancer doesn't hurt". Yeh right. I finished 4 rounds A/C and 1 round Taxol. Now I'm in week 2 of 7 weeks of rads.

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One day I looked in the mirror and my nipple was inverted. No pain, could feel no lumps. After about 2 weeks I decided something was wrong and had a mammogram. The rest of the story, 3 tumors in right breast with lymph node involvement, Invasive Ductal Carconoma, Stage 2A. When the surgeon found the swollen lymph node and pushed on it, that hurt. Now that the tumors are shrinking the lymph node doesn't hurt either.

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mammogram and they called me back for a recheck. I'd been going since the recommended 40 years olds - I'm 55 now! When I went home that night after the call, I found it - right there! No pain - nothing - solid - 3.5 cm - didn't move around. Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, Stage 2, grade C, E/P+, Her2- I wasn't given an option for chemo first - had surgery - right breast removed, then dense-dose chemo - 4 A/C & then 4 taxol. No rads.

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Yes, my lump hurt. I had Inflammatory Breast Cancer. It also was hot, swollen and itchy, just like a few other woman described. These are the symptoms of Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

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I went for a pap smear,a RN/BSN done my exam. During the exam she said "I feel a small lump on your left breast, I also feel one your right breast, feels about the size of a centimeter. I dont think its nothing, feel more like fibrocyctic breasts. I dont think its nothing to worry about, but your getting close to 40 you need to have a baseline mammo" The next night I was in the shower doing a self breast exam trying to find the small lumps she was talking about. I felt nothing in my right breast. I got to my left breast and felt a lump the size of a large egg. I was crying and screamed for my husband. I never had any breast pain. I always wonder how could she have missed something so huge, or did it grow that fast in one day. Now that Im taking chemo, I have sharp, stabbing almost breath taking pain in my breast.

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