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Just Sittin' Here Alone at Home - Missing You and Thinkin' of You Tonight

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Good evening, Everybody

This is rather impromptu but as sometimes happens, emotions got the best of me and I decided to reach out to you this evening for a "touch."

I'm not one for bearing my weaknesses too much but I was feeling particularly lonely this evening - cold weather has settled into Texas, the house is dark and the pots are cold, as Carlos Santana used to sing. The wife is at work and no Sundance, of course, he's in Doggie Heaven. It's just me and my thoughts again - as strong as I am or appear to be, it can get lonely for me sometimes, so I thought I would dial into the Semi;Colon link and just say that I love you all.

So, I began working on my Christmas cards for you guys from the list that was generated earlier - inside each card will be something special that I am working on right now for each one of you - it is very dear to my heart and is my gift to you this year.

I'll give it away if I go much further, but it's the gift that will keep on giving for years to come - anyway, this gift got me teary eyed (what's new, right?) and it made me think all about you and so I've been working this evening on this project so that I feel more closely connected to you. It makes me feel less lonely.

The gift in and of itself is emotional and once you get it, you will understand completely.

Anyway, still here with you guys - day by day, and mile by mile!

I'd be happy to work on for you if you want to PM me your address - I've got about 20 in the queue right now and it takes some time to put it all together and get it out while there's time - I missed alot of time from the surgery - knocked the wind out of me, literally.

-Santa Craig

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Sorry your feeling lonely Craig, I know sometimes I feel lonely when there is a house full of people. It is the nature of having the beast within I think. Please know you can reach out to me anytime and I will be glad to talk with you. You are a great friend and I wish you all the happiness in the world. God Bless, Patti

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Hi Craig
It not hurt to get a little teary eyed now and then that helps sometimes LOL
I'm new in here and I found out being here you will never be lonely

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sundance . so sorry you feel all alone but i know how you feel... i can be in the house with everyone home and still feel that way.. you are very dear to alot of people on this board. sorry the wind got knocked out of you but in time all will be well. i do not know how to pm someone but i would love to know what your working on so my address is tammy romiglio 94 beanhill rd northfield nh 03276.. hang in there things get better a day at a time love and friendship always tammy

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Cheer up buddy, i don't want any wet blanket when we party with phill.lol
I sorry to here that your lonely but am glad your back posting. it just wasn't the same without you.
Just happy to be here!!!

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How funny you just wrote - I'm working on your package this very second :)

When the party starts, I'll be ready with you and Phil - we'll bring Brooks along too!

Thanks, Man! Just feeling a little disconnected and this gift tugs on the heart strings - you will see.


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Nana b
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Cheer up!! Go to a website that will make you laugh for awhile. I was browsing you tube for some Christmas songs to download and came across this song

"girl's don't fart" on youtube

my grand daughter who is one, got so excited!

I couldn't copy and paste the website. I got this new MAC computer and the old control c and control don't work, the right click of the mouse doesn't work either.........

Thanks for the Christmas Card! I need to get started on mine, but I need to download the list again, my other computer went kapute with the Christmas Card List.


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Hi Craig,

I am sorry you are having a rough night. We all feel the way you are feeling now; luckily we don't all feel that way @ the same time! Tomorrow will be a better day. A lot of people missed you while you were away! You are a great advisor/friend to many on this forum. How cold is it getting in your part of Texas? I am from Canada & always think of Texas as warm!

Take good care!

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Hi Craig,

It must be the winter blues - you Texans are not use to the cold. I heard it snowed in El Paso today. Cheer up - people love you!

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Hey, Craig.

I'm sorry you're feeling lonely tonight. I find that when I'm alone, that's when my thoughts can run away with me.

I'm glad you reached out here, because you are very special to us, and we always want to be there for you.

And you have me intrigued. I can't wait to get the card!


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Hey Craig,

Good to see you back here again! I was just thinking about you today while hanging out at Stanford Hospital. It wasn't the hospital that did it, just thinking about the board in general and you in particular.

You've piqued my curiosity about the Christmas cards!

I'll keep this short - just wanted to say "good to see you again" and hang in there. We're all pulling for you!


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Sorry you are having a lonely day. But glad you can come here and we can all cheer each other up!

I am happy you are feeling well enough to be posting again.

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I think even Santa can get lonley on these cold Texas nights. I was just thinking today when i tried to go outside that I am glad we don't live up north! I am not liking the cold.

Monday's are tough days because everyone here goes back to work, that leaves me with the cats, and they just lay around. Today I turned on all the lights got it toasty warm and started looking for my colored pencils! (we had to put things away because we had company for Thanksgiving) Tomorrow after I go to the Dr's office for lab work I am going to get a pack of fabric markers, and I am going to color and do fabric experiments! I can't play in the dyes because of the cold water thing, but I can color with markers. We will see what happens!

Take care Craig, I will draw a Big Smile on my fabric for you!

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I have really enjoyed reading your posts in the two days since I joined this group. I am sorry that you are feeling lonely. Seems to me that night is worse for that. Something about the dark, I guess. Just know that the sun will shine tomorrow and your worries will seem lighter. How wonderful it is that the very people that you strive so hard to support are right here to give back to you when you need it. That is what this is all about. I don't know how to instant message you, but I would love to be included in your Christmas project. You sparked my interest and it sounds like you have put a lot of thought into it. I will learn how this all works in time.

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Hi Craig,

Yeah, the dark house and cold pots will do it everytime. It is starting to get cold here on the East Coast as well. I'm sorry you were feeling loney and pray it was just for a moment. I'd love to be included as well.


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It's got to be hard being there alone while your wife is at work and you sit with your thoughts. I get teary eyed some days too, especially when I read some of the posts and have quiet time to think about everything that has gone on and going on. Keep your chin up kiddo, can't wait to receive your card with that special touch you always add. I've been working on mine too. Wow there are a lot of names on there :) Have a great day.


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But for me its every day, But i am glad that you are feeling some better from the surgery.

take care


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Hi Craig. Watch some funny movies - Christmas Vacation, Charlie Brown Christmas, The Christmas Story. Jay Leno is always great each evening. Sing some songs - "A Holly Jolly Christmas", etc. Staying busy works best for me and trying to help others online. You do a great job at that!

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You know you're never exactly alone when you can come on here, it's ok to be alone, sometimes you need to be in your thoughts just to learn how to kick the bad thoughts away, and learn how to revert your mind back here and to the good thoughts. I like to be alone sometimes, but not all the time myself, my family doesn't like leaving me alone, but then I feel guilty and make sure they aren't making me the reason they have nothing going on, when I want them too ;)

Now I hope you didn't spend alot of money on getting me a thing, I will crown you lol...

It's definitely wonderful having you back here, I missed you so much, we all did, I always enjoy your posts, you make everyone feel so good, and I love it, we have alot of smart great men on this board! Phil, Clift, Brooks, Adrian, John, and so on and so on, it's so good to see the family growing with all these new people, you are all a great welcome here, and good to see everyone getting to know each other.

I hope today is a better day for you~ today is my cleaning day, and to make turkey soup out of my leftovers!


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Believe me I know how it is. I'm alone all day too and sometimes the thoughts in our head just get to be too much for even the strongest of person. Just remember we're are not alone, as you are not alone. We're all here fighting the fight TOGETHER. Together we are stronger alone we aren’t so much... LOL. Remember you are NEVER alone in this fight even at times it's may seem that you are. We got your back!!!


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It is sure good to have you back and active in the community again.
Rob; in Vancouver

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I'm feeling better today...going to keep working on my Christmas project for everyone.

I've just been housebound since the lung surgery and my emotions have been in check just dealing with the pain.

When I began working on the GIFT, well I just got sentimental as this present will take you back to a wonderful time in your life - a time of wonderment and amazement - a time of simplicity and good feelings...so as I sat there I began thinking of you and I had been lonely and working on this just triggered an emotional event in me, a good one, and I just decided to post instead of not doing it. I just needed to hear from some of you that were on last night, so I did not feel so disconnected in this world.

I've not been one to post about stuff like this, but I remembered you guys saying post about anything, so I just did, 'cause I needed to...and it helped.

If anybody still wants in on the Christmas project, just PM me your address so I can work on it - I'd love to share this with you during the holidays - we've all had a pretty tough year and I'd like to lighten your load, if only for a little while.

I've rec'd some addresses via PM, so I'll get you folks taken care of ASAP. Thanks for responding - I hope you will enjoy it.

Take care and thanks for your responses - even a tough guy needs to hear a HELLO every now and then...

Things are OK with me and I'll be working on my post in and around the project.


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Dear Craig,

Sorry you are having a little bit of the blues. You are definitely entitled. Wanted to send some big hugs to you. You have always been such a big part of this forum and contribute so much. We are all a big family and we need to be able to come here and share our feelings and experiences. You need to let it out sometimes...doesn't mean your weak or negative....just human. Some times I think I'm in a pity party because so many have it worse than me and don't seem to ever break down. I'm having a horrible time with "chemo brain" and can't seem to put my thoughts down. Please know you are loved and being prayed for always.

God Bless You,

Debbie (gramma)

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What a beautiful soul you are. I find myself very "emo" as well. It's like when I was pregnant and teh hormones raged and I would cry at sappy commercials.

I wrote a card to my sister today, just spelling out my gratitude and cried as I wrote it.
when I update my blog with certain results and worries etc, I cry while i'm writing it.

So my Dear Craig, I feel ya on those lonely moments, when the thoughts of our predicaments DARE enter our thoughts and lead us to sad feelings.

Keep shining your light darlin', we Semi colons need you!


Where is the button to PM you?????

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:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)


Anonymous user (not verified)

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Sorry about Sundance but I think he would want you to have a new friend. How about getting another cure dog? I know my cat heals me when he sleeps on my lap. He makes me feel good.

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Loneliness is tough on everyone, especially the holidays. I have so appreciated your posts, advice and wisdom. You have courage my friend, and are a true example of what a fighter is! Now, sorry Sundance is in doggie heaven. We have a fairly new mini australian puppy. Can I ship him to you for awhile? (joking). Who knew they are like little babies? This one needs alot of attention, but gives alot of love in return. Though, wow, he can walk and run for hours! At least I am getting my exercise. Blessings to you and your family over the holidays and always. Marie

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God bless you buddy. you are a God send to alot of people and even though alot of them cant be there for you physically they are always with you and I will be there for you when I can.

Your other half of the Texas Two Step,

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Hi Craig,
hope you're doing okay. Miss being on the board a lot, miss talking with you. I've got my buddy next to me at all times and I can't imagine life without her, so I can see how you must miss Sundance. Sometimes you just feel alone and it's okay cuz you got so much love and support here! You are a great inspiration for everyone! Wishing you a great holiday season'

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Hi there,
I know how you feel and I have been there. Usually in the middle of the night when all is quiet and alone with your thoughts. I just want you to know my thoughts are with you right now my friend and I hope you are feeling better soon. It is a roller coaster I know but there will be better times and better moods for you.

Cheers, Lance

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