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Alternatives to Chemo??? Has Anyone Here done that?

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My heart is breaking for everyone posting about recurrances and mets to liver. My sister is making me read Suzanne Sommer's "KnockOut" a book that interviews 10 Doctors disillusioned with the Chemo Industry and their alternative therapies to Chemo.

The very thing I was hoping for- being resectable so my liver mets can be sliced out - seems to be the very thing that causes many instances of metastases and CA returning.

Just wondering if anyone has gone down that road. Also one pioneer- Dr. Burzynski is at MD Anderson/Houston...Anyone here treated by him?


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There are two very viable alternatives that -I- would trust:

1. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Or just Google "Traditional Chinese Medicine" (for specifics, follow with your ailment).

2. Hydrazine Sulfate.


Although TCM can work miracles, if the cancer has progressed to
the point that it has invaded a very critical area and is growing fast,
an operation or more radical treatment (radiation, etc) would be
almost imperative.

TCM works by allowing your own body/immune system to
fight the cause of a problem (cancer incl).

(I use and trust TCM exclusively)

Hydrazine Sulfate kills cancer cells specifically. The manner it does
so is outlined and explained in detail at the link I provided. It is
permitted for usage in Canada and other countries.

Since it is an MAOI, a fairly strict diet and the absence of other
medications is a must (as it is for any MAOI drug). The SCRI
does not sell this product. HS can be ordered from the Internet,
but it -must- be pharmaceutical grade. If HS is used, it should
be with, and under the supervision of a physician, since any
MAOI can present problems if it is not taken properly and with
a diet that does not interfere with the chemical actions.

HS is also capable of killing too many cancer cells at one time,
creating a possible toxic situation to one's body. Supervision
is an absolute must.

HS is very inexpensive. I paid $30 for 100 capsules; 200 capsules
are more than enough for the full term of treatment.

Since it is recommended for "late term" cases, I will not take it
until if/when I reach a point where TCM doesn't work.

I was staged at 3c Colon Cancer just over three years ago.
They refused to start Chemo until my surgical wounds healed
enough to use chemo. And at almost six months past surgery
(when the wounds had stopped weeping) said it is simply too
late to expect chemo to work with any real efficiency.

Perhaps I'm just lucky to be here, in spite of their prognosis.

Do the research with an open mind, and don't allow fear to
control your decision. I was amazed at the very, very poor
statistics of Chemotherapy. There are other viable methods.

I can't stress it enough: Do the research and allow yourself to
question mainstream medicine; it's not what they tell you it is.

Good health!

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Hello John,
It's not because I am not a believer but do you actually know people with CRC who were treating them self this way with proven positive results, like the CT showed shrinked tumors, CEA falling to normal, etc.? Do you know anybody really tried hydrazine sulfate?
Best wishes to everybody

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I was diagnosed 3+ years ago with colon cancer stage 3c.
(a second opinion oncologist said I should be considered stage 4).

They told me that I had to start chemo as soon as my surgical wounds
were healed. They said that I must have chemo within one month
of initial surgery, or at two months at the most. Any longer than that,
and chemo would probably be useless.

My surgeon said I could start chemo, and if the wounds didn't heal,
they can stop chemo and restart it later. Both oncologists said
absolutely not. Chemo kills good cells along with cancer cells and
weakens the immune system so badly, that stopping chemo would
leave the body without any mechanism to kill cancer cells. Once
you start chemo, you should go to the end of treatments, otherwise
the cancer may take over completely.

My surgical wounds did not heal until nearly 6 months after initial
surgery. They said it was not a good idea to try chemo at that point.

I took imported medicinal grade herbs that are noted to kill cancer cells
specifically. They are inexpensive when bought in bulk. One of the
herbs is being studied by Merck to try and isolate the chemical that
manages to actually kill cancer cells specifically.

Does it work?

If I took chemo and I am alive, they would say it's thanks to the chemo.

If I took Chemo and died, they would say I fought hard and lost anyway.

If I take herbs or any other alternative, and am alive... they will say I am
very, very lucky to be alive, because I didn't do chemo.

If I died, they would say I am stupid for not taking chemo..

You have to see the hypocrisy; understand the mentality, to see
the real truth.

I would not encourage anyone to try any alternative based on my experience,
but I would encourage anyone to do their own research, and do not let fear
steer you into a path your gut tells you not to take.

My oncologist showed us a pie chart indicating that of those with my
type and grade of cancer, 30% of those that did nothing after surgery
lived 5 years or more. Then he produced another pie chart, indicating
that of those that did chemo, 30% lived 5 years or more. We left the office
thinking I'd have a 60% chance if I did chemo.

I discovered that the facts were different, and when I confronted him
with my findings, he agreed they were correct. He had to agree, they
were from the archives of the institution he was a member of.

Of those that did nothing.... 26%
Of those that did chemo......28%.

That related to a 2% advantage of doing chemo vs doing nothing.
And... it did not take into account second cancers, neurological problems,
and heart failure, etc related to the chemo treatments.

Doing any alternative may or may not work, just as chemo may or
may not work. And..... it could be only just a matter of odds...

Did my herbs work to keep me here for over three years,
or am I simply lucky to be in the 26% ? And if it's all a matter
of "luck" and percentiles, why are we doing chemo at all?

As far as the Hydrazine Sulfate? I will go to it, if I have to.
That is why I contacted SCRI, learned more about it, found a
supplier for it, and spent $60 for the amount needed for treatments.

If a person is hell-bent to do standard western medicine treatments,
then they should. If a person does not feel that the standard treatments
are good, and wants to try an alternative, there are many alternatives
to try. But time needed to research, must be taken.

TCM is thousands of years old; it works. It is still practiced in China,
where it is used either exclusively, or along with, western medicine.

But for greatly advanced stages of cancer, where tumors are of
such great size and number that one's life is at stake, then surgery
or other methods should be used to rid the tumor.

A neighbor asked me: "How do you know if it works?".

I explained to him that I had asked my oncologist if he can tell if there
are cancer cells throughout my body. He said he couldn't. I asked
him if I did chemo, could tell if the chemo actually killed any cancer cells.
He said it isn't possible for him to tell (Individual cells can't be easily seen).

How do I know if it works?

We all have to pick our path to take. I chose mine, but I wouldn't want
someone following me, if they're only doing so out of fear and confusion.

Sorry Steve, but that's the best I have for you.

Good health to you.

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I have tried to post to this thread now twice and so I am just testing to see if it's me or the boards before I write another epistle on juicing and alternatives for crying out loud! HA! :-)

peace, emily the juice chick who did NOT do any chemo and ONLY did alternatives!

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Hi Peggy,

YES! There ARE alternatives to chemo--CHEMIA.

YES!! There ARE people who have done them!!

In 2001 I was diagnosed with Stage III sigmoid colon cancer with lymph involvement. My sister had been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the small intestine in 1989 and died three years later at 33 years old. I was 39 at dx and we hadn't any prior family history. After watching what my sister went through, I knew that the chemo scared me more than the cancer.

So post surgery I did CHEMIA which is "juice of the plant". I juiced 3 quarts of fresh organic veggies/day per the Gerson Method. I changed my diet to a vegan macrobiotic regime so I could detox and give my body the boost it needed to heal the cancer. I worked on alkalizing my system since cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment. I pumped my system full of live enzymes which are the healers.

Traditional Chinese Medicine was part of my protocol and I went for weekly accupuncture/massage/herbs/lymphatic drainage in Minneapolis with a wonderful practitioner.

A Naturopathic Doctor was also an integral part of my healing team. She helped me figure out all the supplements and dietary issues for colon cancer. Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Patrick Quillin was also most helpful. I carried that with me to the natural foods store when purchasing vitamins. It can be overwhelming.

Often I did organic coffee enemas as part of the detoxing along with drinking Essiac Tea.

For 8 years I have remained cancer free and I do not fear the side effects of chemo such as permanent heart and/or kidney damage, secondary cancers from chemo, chemo-induced leukemia, nor have I suffered from any peripheral neuropathy, mouth sores, rashes, hair loss, dehydration, nausea, or diarrhea.

It was A LOT of hard work. Healing cancer is a FULL TIME JOB!!! (regardless of which protocol you decide--chemo or CHEMIA). It saddens me when people with cancer do not make any lifestyle or dietary changes. Cancer is a symptom of a deeper issue and I believe we need to dig to the ROOT problem. I prefer a holistic approach to health. My oncologist, bless his heart, has been one of my best cheerleaders. :-)

So yes, Peggy, there ARE alternatives, there ARE folks who use them, and they DO work.

Hope this helps.

peace, emily the juice chick

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I did alternatives after stopping chemo. I was stage IV with 2 mets to my liver and 1 to my left lung. Surgery was not an option so chemo was my only hope. I did it for 8 months but after a nasty bout of peritonitis my body couldn't take it as long as I had hoped (15-18 months was the goal).

At the time, I had watched me CEA drop from 35 to 5.1 and had researched a great deal about nutrition and healing supplements. I found a local naturopathic Dr that had a PhD in Clinical Nutrition and followed her recommendations on vitamins, minerals, herbs, and diet. I went all organic and ate a 90% alkaline diet (google PH balance of foods to learn about alkaline vs acidic foods).

I had my blood drawn every 2 months and had researched all the different levels and what each one meant and how to boost it/them. I especially worked on my white and red blood cell counts, especially ANC (Absolute Neutral Count, measure the ability to fight infection).

I worked full time on me for the first time in my life. It was hard but the thoughts of going back on chemo kept me going. I was very afraid of chemo. 6 months later I got my first ever good news and a year later I heard NED for the first time. Jan 06' I finally had my surgery to take down my colostomy and remove a foot of my colon. My liver was clean and has been since.

I just celebrated my 5 year post chemo anniversary last month and am thrilled to be in non-surgical remission (I know of no others). I nor my oncologist can explain it but alternatives seemed to have worked for me. Other than Emily, there aren't many here who did them to the extent I did.

It got a little tough here a few years back on the alternative threads so that probably scared some of the supporters away. It amazes me that Em had remained when she got so much **** from so many. I don't post often but try to let folks know that IT CAN HAPPEN (sorry I love that little boy in that movie).

Recommended reads: "Beating Cancer with Nutrition" by Patrick Quillan, "The Makers Diet" by Jordan Rubin, "Crazy Sexy Cancer" by Kris Carr. There are many more I read too but these have had the most significant impact on me.

Lisa P.

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Joined: Dec 2009

Hi, I am new to all of this and I am scared to death of getting my first round of chemo next week. I have colon cancer with a colostomy, and had a lot of post op problems that kept me in the hospital and rehab for almost two months. I go for my pet test tomorrow and I have so many mixed emotions, as I am alone in my son's house most of the time. I could say no to the chemo, and was wondering what you thought, since you have been through so much. Thanks heights

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There are alternatives. Some people have had success with them. You need to weigh all the options and choose what is best for you.

But I would NOT trust a book by a "star" who has proven over and over again that she isn't a lot different than the character she played that gave her the big break in show business. Flake is the first word that comes to mind.

Check out traditional Chineese herbs - through someone reliable that has had success and really knows what they are doing. Check with a oncology nutritionist about what you can do with your diet to help. Check into acupuncture. Consider juicing and other options - do everything you can to heal yourself.

And check into chemo too. While it is hard to go through, it has healed a lot of people. And there is nothing to say that you have to pick just one thing to do. You can use complimentary medicine with chemo.

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