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going back on Folfox

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I will be going back on folfox tomorrow for the second time. Back in 1006/7 I did about 4 months of the drug. Now that I have to go back into treatment my onc wants me to go on Folfox again. Has anyone gone back ona drug and if so was it worse the second time around? I really don't remember it being so bad but then I did have an iliostomy so I really don't know about the bowel issues I'll have. I don't remember being too nausea either. I do remember I couldn't touch anything cold, drink cold or be cold. He wants me on it with Avastin but the ins is denying it. It's going to appeal this week. I'll be on it until my counts get too low or my neuropathology gets too bad. Thanks for the input. God continue to bless you all.

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