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is ED a medical item or a quality of life item........

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The reason I ask is ,well, my wife has zero drive/desire these days.....
I almost dont care if we ever do it again, it would just be one less thing to worry about.

Can anyone shed light on is an erection part of the medical recovery? Or is it, just a nice thing to be capable of? What benefits (other than the obvious) is there to be able to achieve an erection ( relative to the surgery ) ?

I am scheduled for 8 december robotic surgery.....

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The sex nerves that run on both sides of the prostate and stimulate blood flow to the penis are traumatized during surgery mostly due to the skill of the surgeon but sometimes necessary to remove all cancer tumors.Also, with no prostate, you will have a "dry" orgasm. Certainly this is a quality of life issue for some...It has been for me. I get headaches with erection pills & don't like the pump so I'm 75% of what I was pre DaVinci.

As for a recovery issue...I doubt it.

Hope I haven't been too negative....but I tell it like it is.
Good luck,

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George said it all, for myself mine maybe a little higher on the percents but not much. At full climax, I will full hard enough to penarate but on otherwise. I find shots works for the best for me, just wish I was just better with the ED or the doctors would explain things better. I did lose more than a inch in length, which I did not have that to lose.

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thanks for your inputs, appreciate the candidness.

I dont have any to spare either, so maybe it will be a moot point :)



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