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Pet Scan tomorrow. oncologist appt Friday and Vegas on Sunday

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My husband has his Pet scan tomorrow...so we'll be going to Chicago...maybe in snow..then we meet with the oncologist on Friday to get the round up of all the tests...fingers crossed..prayers will be appreciated.

It's our anniversary on Wed...and we always go to Vegas as our gift..so since he feels fine and can eat like a horse..we're leaving on Sunday...coming home on Friday...trying to enjoy the present...

We're almost decorated for Christmas...my favorite time of the year...I love the lights..and some times the stillness of the season...especially if it's snowing.

Our passports have arrived...my husband said let's get them in case we want a get away..so I said a good idea...

We've picked out all the important things for the kitchen remodel...floor, counters, cabinets and back splash...I'm a little leery of living for a month with the refrig in the living room...but he said "let's do it!" so we are.

I'm hoping and praying for good news Friday...no new cancer sites..but it will be what it will be...

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Good Luck with the scans....It's hard waiting for results.

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It is hard waiting for the results. Have a wonderful vacation - you guys deserve it!
Happy Anniversary on Wed!!

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Tina Blondek
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Here is to positive thinking and praying that the results of the pet are good. Good for you two....getting away, planning for Christmas, redoing your kitchen. Life does go on! Prayers to both of you! Keep us posted.

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