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Help....more prayers please.... Roy's in coma....

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Hi everyone,

Well yesterday I was estatic with good news. However today it's not so good.

1. They just took him in for more surgery (a filter to catch any blood clots).

2. He already has a blood clot in his right arm (Still so swollen), one in his right leg and several in his lungs. They are hoping they will dissolve on their own.

3. They changed his antibiotics and meds and he's doing ok with that.

4. Fever climbing back up again. They are watching that. The pneumonia appears to be getting better, however!

5. But the worse part is, the nurse took him off all sedation and relaxants this morning to check his progress in waking up, and he was totally unresponsive! She said that frightened her, so she sent him for a CT scan of his brain to see if he had a stroke, The good news is the scan came back ok BUT....they think he may be in a self-induced coma because there is no reason why he shouldn't be awake now since he isn't on any sedatives or relaxants. They said only time will tell......

I would appreciate any extra prayers. I have an extra set of BIG GIRL PANTIES in my purse, I'm going through a lot of them lately.

God bless you all,

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I am saying prayers now I just posted something on another site and came back to find this, what happened, he was doing so good, you are walking some totally different shoes than I have or want to, but I know they are doing everything for him he is at the best place so I have been told, I know you are scared and so would I but you know you have lots of wonderful friends on this horrible EC site, along with family, I can pray with no problem, and I can send more BGP, but I want you to know I am here just click reply and i will be there to answer your replys, and I am sure Mr. Marshall will help you along he is the one that always keeps our spirits up.

Take care

Here is a prayer now can you hear it and here is a BIG HUG (((((())))))))

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Extra prayers are coming your way. I hope things turn around for you both quickly. Stay strong,

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Oh Trish...you and Roy are in my prayers...I will add him to our prayer list at church.

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I will definately keep your husban in my prayers. I hope he recovers quickly. I am so sorry your going through this, I can only imagine how hard this might be for you and your family. I'll be praying for all of you.


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Often the bad days are followed with good days, I pray that this is true for your husband.


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I am so sorry to here that Roy is having such a difficult time. His body has been through
some many things in such a short period of time. I pray that the coma is his bodies way of
fighting while giving him peace! Stay strong and keep the faith.

Extra prayers are on the way.

God Bless

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Oh Trish, so sorry to hear about your husband. I am definitely praying for him. Hang in there - lean on the Lord.

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Tina Blondek
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Ok Trish....hang on.....you are strong....remember that.....you have been doing an excellent job! Do not fall apart now. The power of prayer will see you through this. Roy is just taking a break from all of this right now. He will be back soon. Our bodies do shut down sometimes. Look at all he has been through.

Lean on our Lord now. Come to me all that are heavy laden. One day at a time. Thinking and praying for both of you. Keep us posted.

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I'm saying a prayer for Roy right now!! Extra prayers will be said for you both. Hang in there, he really has been through so much and I have to agree with everyone. His body may be doing this so he can recover!!!


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