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Hello everyone,

I have some bad news, I have just been notified by another site, that our own "KITTEN" has passed away at 8:30 AM this morning. Kitten was our angel beneath our wings, our Cat with 9 lives, and our dancing shoes queen.

Kitten was an inspiration to me and my husband during his difficult surgery, and really got close to her the last 8 months. I am sad and heartbroken, but know she is now in a better place with no pain, no cancer and no suffering.

Lets all keep her family in our prayers, especially her husband Patrick

Lori and Jeff

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Thanks for letting us know about Cathy. I, like you, are so sad and heartbroken hearing this news. She was such an inspiration. She was the first person I "spoke" with on this site. We are keeping Patrick and the rest of her family in our prayers. I know she is in a better place.....
God Bless

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Yes she would want us to keep her husband and family in our prayers, he never gave up and stayed with her only being married 4 months when diagnosed, most men would have left, they were high school sweethearts.

Yes she was the first one for me also, she was a inspiration for us all she will be greatly missed I have informed William Marshall privately so hopefully we will see a post from him soon.

We never know when its our time to go.

Love you

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I'm so sorry to hear that...prayers for her family from our family.

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I am so saddened...Cathy "aka Kitten" IS (corrected from was) more than an inspiration to so many... If you have seen her info page she said: What have you learned from your experiences that you would like to share?
---It is important to always remember that--- "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain." She was a positive thinker and helped many of us on this site. She wasn't pushy, quick to judge or a pessimist. She enjoyed life, loved and appreciated her hubby and family. She was a friend to many on this site---and we are so blessed to have seen a glimpse of her love. God has a special "new addition" today.

It is hard to hide this sadness ---from my kids who don't really understand that this disease goes beyond their grandpa Kenny.

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With that said i agree


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I am deeply heart broken by this news. She also was the first person that introduced herself when I first came to this site.

I pray for Patrick and the rest of her friends an family.

I know that our angel is looking down up us. She was truley an inspiration for us all.

I will miss her, but will never forget what and inspiration she was to me !

With love


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Thanks for letting us know about Kitten. I am very sad to hear that she passed away. I can't imagine how Patrick must feel right now. She was such a wonderful person and so caring for others. She will be greatly missed.
~Praying for Patrick & family,

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So sad to hear that Cathy has passed away. She was really an inspiration to everyone and always had the right words or information to give. My heart goes out to her Patrick and the rest of her family. The only comfort is that we do have an angel watching over us now.

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I am so sad to hear about Cathy She helped me here in my dark days when i first came abord here Always with a kind and encouragement when i really wanted such She will be MISSED here by her family

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