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Rogue Fever without other symptoms

KFen725 Member Posts: 108
edited March 2014 in Colorectal Cancer #1
Hello! My stage iv mom (liver mets dx 6/09) has been undergoing chemo for the past 5 months or so and the past few days has had a fever on and off that seems to respond to Tylenol. She has no other symptoms.

I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with this? I read a little bit about "tumor fevers", which can happen when tumor tissue dies in the body, so that seems like that would be the BEST reason. Otherwise, I'm not sure what could be causing it besides maybe her blood counts are low.

Thanks for any & all help!



  • dianetavegia
    dianetavegia Member Posts: 1,942
    Call onc if temp is over 100.4
    My onc was very firm that I was to call immediately if my temp ever reached 100.4 or higher while I was on chemo.

    Since her blood counts are low, she may have a serious infection brewing. Even a dental problem can be extremely dangeous when white counts are low. Please call her doctor or take her to the ER if necessary. They'll probably do blood cultures.
  • cyndi2324
    cyndi2324 Member Posts: 72
    Call the Onc. I was told ANY
    Call the Onc. I was told ANY fever over 100.4 is when the Dr. should be called ASAP. She may have an infection some where that is just starting. My Dr. told me if I couldn't reach her head for the emergency room. I hope it isn't anything BUT it should be checked.
    Good Luck,
  • Paula G.
    Paula G. Member Posts: 596
    Same here
    John's Onc said to call and go to the ER if he has a fever over 100.4. I would call the doctor Kelly.
  • KFen725
    KFen725 Member Posts: 108
    Paula G. said:

    Same here
    John's Onc said to call and go to the ER if he has a fever over 100.4. I would call the doctor Kelly.

    Thanks, all. I don't think my dad or her actually took her temp with a thermometer, but she definitely felt warm. The good news is that she hasn't had a fever today. We will keep a watch on it. She goes in for chemo again on Tuesday anyway and will see the Dr, so I wouldn't be surprised if maybe he has her wait a week... We'll see!

  • geotina
    geotina Member Posts: 2,111
    This happened to George one time. When his fever got to over 100 I called the onc's office (it was a Saturday). Within a half hour we got a call from the doc on call. He asked a few questions, whether he got a Nulasta (sp) shot, was he getting a cold, did he eat anything out of the ordinary (which he did day before when out with the guys) etc. He said to take some Tylenol and if it didn't work to call back in a few hours. The Tylenol worked like a charm and the fever never came back. To this day I really don't know exactly what caused the fever, he felt fine, was in the middle of his chemo treatments and doing well. If the fever continues I would place the call, that is what we pay them for. Good luck - Tina