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Off Topic - New Improved with SunDog images! Sunset photos I took on Nov 16th

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Please take a peek at these. I created an animation so the images change every 5 seconds. There are 8 images in all. The sunset was incredible that day. To start my ride home, I saw a very cool sundog then the sunset about an hour later
Sunset Photos

I added the sundogs into the slideshow

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I Love pics of sunsets and sunrises, these are absolutely gorgeous pics Phil, I love the one with the grayish clouds encircling the sunset, really amazing! Thanks for sharing these!


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I'm like Donna, I love the Sunrises and Sunsets...Favorite time of day...Thanks Bud, great pics..


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Those are great, Phil

Much more scenic than where I live, that's for sure.

Really very soothing to look at - thanks for sharing.


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Thanks for sharing!

Fight for my love
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It is really beatiful and it definitely makes me feel warm in the late fall.Thank you for sharing!

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I love the way that McDonald's sign lights up the sky in the horizon!

I could almost taste that Quarter Pounder from here!



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All it takes is a beauty like this to remind us that we have much to live for...just like my sunrise pics from Holland last winter....

And, I have actually driven THRU 2 rainbows...WHAT an experience THAT was!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Pictures, I love the reflections that you were able to get. Great job, thanks for sharing, Phil

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Thank you all for the nice comments. I was so lucky to see that and be at the right place at the right time. I almost always have my camera with me just in case.

Driving THRU a rainbow! Wow, that must have been so cool. I've seen a bunch of great rainbows, some doubles and even a sno-bow (it was snowing at the time). One time I was lucky to see the end of a rainbow that was in the foreground of the base of a mountain. I had my camera with me but I wasn't able to find a place to stop and photograph it.

I'll have to post some sundogs too. They are very cool and happen all the time yet so few people notice them.

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Those are awesome pictures. Thanks, keep your camera clicking!

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These are absolutely gorgeous! It's amazing how adding in some clouds at sunset can spin such beautiful colors, isn't it? Thanks for sharing!


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These are just gorgeous! Do you have a 'fancy' professional type camera?

So, what is a sundog?

Thanks for sharing these.


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Hi Diane, I have a rather cheap ($125) Fuji digital camera. There's nothing fancy about it at all. The sky was that incredible that day. I didn't photoshop the photos or enhance them in any way.

I added 3 photos of the sundog I saw when I left work that day. I added a link that explains sundogs and other cool atmospheric stuff.

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uh oh

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The pics are fabulous! Thanks for sharing.


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