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What to expect now????

Julie 44
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Just got the results of my PET scan...I have 4 spots on my liver....I would like to know what to expect now...I have been researching it but I want first hand info....I go on the 4th to find out what stage I am in and what the treatment plan will be..Very upsetting since I have been NED for 7 months..JULIE

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I don't have the answers but I will keep you in my prayers for a great end result and Im sure there will be.......Lots of Love.....Buzzard

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Julie, I had been praying that the CEA results were wrong and am so sorry to hear your news.


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Hi Julie

I'm so sorry to hear of this latest development - I thought things were going better for you, I had no idea of this.

How big are the "spots?"

The might try chemo again to shrink them to see if they go down or disappear - or if they shrink enough to do a resection on your liver.

If a liver resection is not possible, there is always RFA and CyberKnife that can be done on the liver - I had both of these procedures done on my liver and so far have been clear of that for about 21 months now.

So, any or all of these procedures could be called into play to get those spots out of you.

I can tell you more about RFA and CyberKnife in a PM if you would like - I believe in those highly as they were successful on me.

I'm so sorry you have to go back through things again - RECURRENCE is what makes Cancer such an ugly beast to fight - NED sometimes mean only "no evidence TODAY." We can all go down the road a piece and then things pop back up again and things start over again. That's what is very upsetting about Cancer in my view - you just really know for sure.

But from talking to you, I know you have a strong resolve and once you get your mind wrapped around this again, and a game plan, I know you will move forward with the attack.

I'll be thinking about you as the days pass - please let me know how things are with you - and if you have any questions, I'm only a "shout" away.....We'll get through this next phase.

Feeling Blue for You

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I'm so sorry! I know this was not the results we've been hoping and praying for. You are in my prayers and I'm sending positive thoughts your way. You WILL beat this! I know you will have a good outcome. I know that it's not going to be easy, but you've beat this once, and you will beat it again! Stay strong and please keep us posted.


Fight for my love
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Hi Julie,this is really a roller coaster ride.I am really sorry to hear this.This is a bump on the journey,I am sure you will fight against this again and you will win.You are in my prayers.Take care.

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Hi Julie,

I am sorry to hear about the spots on your liver. I also have 4 mets on my liver. Since September, I have been on Folfiri + Avastin. Last week I got the results from my latest CT; 3 of the 4 were shrinking, & one did not grow. So the chemo is working. The primary cancer was "not detectable"-this I almost could not believe. (I have not yet had a re-section because they discovered my liver mets & wanted to work on those before any re-section). The CT was taken after only 4 rounds of this chemo. Needless to say I was ecstatic with these results & my husband and I celebrated with a small 1/2 bottle of chamagne (my oncologist has said it is ok for me to enjoy wine occaisonally). Did your oncologist tell you what is the next step for you?

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It's a Rough Ride this cancer. I am very sorry don't give up there may be answers you just don't know right now.

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I'm sorry you got those results, but I'll be praying there will be treatments that will make the outlook much brighter.


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I'm so sorry that new spots were found on your liver. I know this news must be heartbreaking. I echo what's been said especially about treatments and plans you don't know about yet that can help. I always have this recurrence scenario in the back of mind, and I'm grateful for all the folks here for constantly reminding me that setbacks aren't the end of the world.

all the best, Leslie

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