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Dead Flap???

Barry Keith
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My left wrist was taken last year for a flap, no problem, this year's surgery for recurrence a flap was graphed from my right thigh. I was told yesterday, by ENT that this was dying, no more blood flow. They want to do another graph from left leg. What happens if I don't?

I am scared and tired of surgeries, I just got out of hospital last Monday, now they want me to go back under....would it be so bad if I didn't get this flap? Any input is apprecicated....OCF boards have not responded with any comments/options....thanks....

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Check with ENT Man, but I'm thinking that if there is no blood flow to the flap they will have to remove it anyway, whether you want more surgery or not: flesh without blood going to it is apt to rot, after all and, besides all the complications like gangrene, will not taste very good, I wouldn't think.

I had a similar surgery by the way: my left wrist was used, along with nerves from that arm, to replace half of my tongue. I am doing fine. But when they took the wrist stuff, they also cut out a chunk of left thigh, in case the wrist material didn't work.

It sounds awfully familiar.

I have had a number of surgeries since, Barry Keith, and my question to you would be: having gone through all of this, are you willing to forsake all that you have been through?

I recently went through the most horrendous surgery I have ever experienced (interestingly, it was the least dangerous of them, I think, but it happens that I had to undergo about half of it without anesthesia). I thought to myself, and even told my doc in the midst of it, that if I had to do it again I was not sure I could.

But I would.

I've been through too much to quit now. I know, I know. Surgery sucks. And it is not even the surgery so much as the idea of the surgery, the knowledge of the pre-op, the awareness of the post-op, the things we deal with long after the surgery. I know. I really do.

I cannot say to you that more surgery is the best route. We have our limits. I can say to you that I have not reached mine.

Best wishes with whatever decision you make.

Take care,


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